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  1. Haha it's funny how the foods that are my trigger are the only ones you eat. It really is a royal pain in the ass going through the trial and error motions, but at least we're at the stage where we have a pretty good idea of what's causing it. I used to live off of pasta, made the best home made stuff around, so changing my diet was rough, but definitely for the best. I hear you on the delay though. It definitely takes time for the food to run its course through the body and start showing up o
  2. Haha yeah it sounds like you and I have really similar issues, my skin is really fair as well. For the most part my skin heals, but yeah, sometimes I'll get a spot that will stay for ages, it can be really annoying. It's doubly annoying for me, because I want to put on weight and hit the gym, but the big foods that help gain weight like pasta and such are the foods that cause me to break out, so it's like trying to walk a tight rope. But my skin is my first priority, so cutting those things
  3. Mornin' everyone. So, I've had some theories about my skin for some time now, and I feel like I've got to the point where I can really narrow down what's causing my problems, but I wanted to get some opinions from anyone else here who might suspect the same things, or anyone that feels like they may have an interesting point to add in general. My skin has been acting up since I was about 14, and I'm now 26, and of course over the years I've gone through all the shit everyone else suffering