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  1. Is there anything I need to do post-accutane? Also I made a big mistake by booking a holiday for Puerto Rico in 5 days, but I don't need any advice on that.
  2. Half way through course of accutane. Still really bad acne. But it definately gets worse when I masturbate or have caffiene, sugar, dairy. I can't be bothered to do coursework or revise and I should because I need A's in my GCSE's. And everyday I just feel like a failure because I do the totally opposite to what I should be doing and to the extreme. And a kid in my class today, said fucking hell you spotty bastard and hes like one of my friends. And said that everyone can see im spotty because i
  3. My face consists of red marks, totally. I'm a month into tane. I have one actual zit, and the rest is red marks, which look like acne from a distance, but close up, look like nothing. Is there much point in me staying on tane?
  4. Add peanut butter on toast for breakfast? Oh and I meant big handfuls as in 30-50 nuts a handful
  5. Do you think that just eating and drinking that for breakfast and lunch, but having a normal meal at night (no desert) would help clear acne?? I'm on tane by the way. I drink about 2 litres of water a day, 1 litre of green tea, by doing this. About 5 or 6 handful of brazil nuts/ almonds. What do you reckon?
  6. I'm on Day 7 I have had loads of small white-heads which I never get. But no cysts at all! But my lips are drier than normal, not really uncomortable. But my skin is loads better, I have peeled off a fair bit of skin to find fresh skin underneath. Is it likely that I am lucky, or just having a delay in terms of I.B. and side-effects, and my acne getting better is because of something else?
  7. Title says it all I've taken 40mg for 3 days now. How long should I wait to see if it is tane that is causing them?
  8. Day 2: Side Effects: Headaches getting worse and more frequentSkin Condition:Same as yesterday
  9. You submerge your face in a sink of hot water for around 2-3 minutes to open your pores and clean them, then again with cold to close them.
  10. Here is my log. Currently: 40mg per dayDrinking green teaLow sugar dietNo dairy productsUsing the dipping methodDrinking around 3 litres of water per day1000mg Fish Oil capsule per day Day 1 is 24 hours after taking first 40mg, Day 2 is 48 hours after first dose and so on. Which means if today is Day 1 then I took first 40mg yesterday. I did only wait 2 1/2 days after stopping Minocycline before starting so I may have side-effects from that. Hopefully not. Day 1: Side Effects: Headaches (had
  11. I don't know if it makes any difference but laying off the shaving for a week or two makes your face seem a lot clearer when you finally shave.
  12. Come to the UK and blag it off our national health service, it seems the popular thing to do in Eastern Europe at the moment.