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  1. Thanks Kat for all your inputs, I really appreciate it. A few more questions, if you don't mind. I stopped using make-up since I started the regimen, just to get rid of any variables that may contribute to skin irritations and to allow my skin to just heal and breath. I used Bare Minerals thinking it is a lot more gentle than the conventional make up out there. However, after much research on the ingredients of Bare Minerals I found that it does clog pores and cause irritations (at least it
  2. Thank you for your post. It is very insightful. I've always wanted to know if the regimen can last the test of time, and you provided us a glimpse of that. Thank you so much for the time you took to post. I've only been on the regimen for four months, and have experienced great improvement on my skin. Here are some questions I have for a veteran user like yourself: (1) How many pumps of BP do you still use day and night?; (2) Have you had any skin reactions using BP for so long? I'm just
  3. It's summer again. Although I've been avoiding the sun as much as possible, I need some good recommendations on sunscreen to go along with the Regimen. That means I need a sunscreen that will not dilute the BP or ball it up. The sunscreen MUST BE: oil-free, SPF 15 or above, and without using Avobenzone (Parsol) as an ingredient (this makes me break-out even more) but Zinc Oxide. The problem with Zinc Oxide is that with the BP it goes on white! I really hope you guys can help. I live in
  4. Be very patient and consistent. I was just like that and it took me a good 3 months (12 weeks) to see amazing results. Remember that every skin is unique. It sounds like you are responding well with the regimen, so that is a great sign. Do not be discourage, keep at it.
  5. I use the remaining Jojoba oil expired a month ago on my hair (not on my face). I would reasonably oil up my hair and wait for 10 minutes to shower with shampoo and all. I don't even need a conditioner. Guess what? My hair is super soft and looks like a black silk. It's wonderful and not wasteful. Try it!
  6. I feel your initial reaction. Consider this lesson learned: Check expiration date in every thing you use or eat. One time, I've mistakely used a product that was already expired. It is completely my fault for not checking the expiration. Upon realizing it, I was grateful I only used it once and no skin reaction from using it and that I noticed it early. Make a lemonade out of lemons.
  7. I completely agree with Brandy. BP does not leave red marks, it's the acne that does. Try incorporating AHA to the regimen, it helps fade the red marks. Also be mindful of being exposed to the sun, it makes the red marks stay longer and more visible. Even if you wear a good sunscreen (very difficult to find for sensitive acne-prone skin), still wear a hat and stay in the shade.
  8. Go for it but start slow. It seems like your skin is already irritated as it is with your current regimen. Try Dan's regimen, it works wonders on my severely acne-prone skin and I can say I am almost clear. Just start slow and follow Dan's directions precisely as is. Do the regimen morning and night religiously with much patience. Do not be discourage. When you can't help be discourage and about to give up, come back to this site and read people's successes. This way it will inspire you to
  9. Using AHA every night seems to have no problem for me, but my concern is the long-term effect of over exfoliating. I am almost completely clear with just hyperpigmentation mostly. I plan to do what you had suggested, to cut back on AHA to 3 times a week instead of every night. Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it.
  10. I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. I started using AHA after being on BP for two months. Although I was not completely clear yet, I added the AHA in hope to speed up the process. I started with a small amount of AHA after BP every night. Now I'm using one finger line of AHA every night. I've been doing research online on over exfoliating the skin, and AHA is for exfoliating. It says that over exfoliating is not good for the skin. So here are my questions: Am I overly using
  11. TRussell pretty much said it all. Here's what I can add based on my experience with AHA. I began incorporating AHA into the regimen after 2 months of BP. I was not completely clear, perhaps only 70% but I thought it would help me clear up already. I absolutely love the AHA. I made a mistake of putting it every single night but I did start with small amount. The only side effects I received was a blush of redness when applied. When using AHA make sure you start with small amount and appl
  12. I've been on the regimen for 3 months now, and like you I have mostly cysts acne that sporatically shows up unpredictably any where on my face. So, lucky you...you only have it on your cheeks. Anyway, the BP have worked for me on my cysts acne but it is very show progress. Be patient. I've increased the amount of BP I apply morning and night, avoided make up until I am 100% clear because of irritations and clogging pores, and moisturize or AHA at night. Hope this helps. Good Luck to you.
  13. Thank you so much to both of you who responded. I really appreciate it. God Bless!
  14. I'm sorry for your pain. You are not alone, I know exactly how you feel. Worrying about your skin isn't going to help the situation. I suggest completely changing your lifestyle to benefit your skin. First advice: Try changing your diet completely, all healthy foods AT ALL TIMES. Get rid of those junk foods, high sugar content foods and avoid dairy products and high in sodium foods. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish, you get the idea. Drink lots of water, fresh real fruit juices, and gree
  15. I'm crossing my fingers for you Unnamed. You are very courageous trying accutane. You may want to try Zinc supplements as an addition to your daily supplements to help your body (in this case, your skin) heal faster.