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  1. I finished Roaccutane last month but 2 weeks ago, I had a bog breakout. I do not know why, I went back to my drrm and he gave me steimecyn ( spelt wrong), Went back yest and saw the nurse and she prescribed me roaccutane gel 30g ( Isotrix or something). I am due to go back in 5 weeks, and if still here, I may have to go back on a few months of Tane, not bothered if I do. I just want good skin lol! My skin was crystal clear on holiday, but came back and then I had a few big spots. I know it does
  2. yes I didn't pick for 2 months and my skin was clear and once I started, it looked awful. Scabby and very red. I have not picked since my last post and I picked up my last prescription yest so I go back in 4 weeks and consultant will see if I need any more. My skin is a lot better than before but I don't feel that it is that good, I honestly think I was expecting too much for the immediate effect, I know it continues to work after course finished. I am a lot better tho so I can't moan and I have
  3. Well, I decided to try and squeeze some whiteheads that had formed on my face... BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG mistake!!!! Not only did I fail in getting them out but I have now caused my skin damage, my skin tore off whilst picking and now I have a few good scabs on my face. It is my own fault but I wanted everyone to know that it should not be done. I didn't realise at first that my skin was damaged with the icking, it was the morning after when I felt my face amd it was dry and scabby i
  4. May I just ask, do you ever see a positive day? Do you try to encourage yourself to have happy thoughts and not those of saddness? I know a lot about depression and i had it gfor many years but in the end I feel, that it was up to me, not a doctor, nor a therapist to see the light about how I was destroying my life. I know it is mainly to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain or PTS ( POST TRAUMATIC STRESS) but if you don't help yourself, then there is no amount of therapy etc that will hel
  5. No I am not taking any vitamins, what would you suggest?
  6. My heels on my feet are so sore at the moment and I have noticed increased back pain, they are both nothing terrible but I find it odd with the feet! My skin is improving again I went to the derm last week and was told next month he will decide if I need to stay on the tane a bit longer, he will assess my skin again then. Not really got any other side effects, I have mild ones such as dry lips and flaky skin but generally good on it. My hair is drier and I am going for conditioning treatment
  7. Been to the derm today and he said that my skin was getting better by far. Well he is the professional so I take his word for it. I have just got my 3rd Prescription and next month could be my last one but he did say he will only decide that at the end of next month. I spoke to one lady in reception whom was getting ytane too and her acne has gone, and she showed me photos of before and I must say, it was severe. All she had left was a little scar on her nose. She was flawless. I am just aimin
  8. Hi, thought I would just update you a little on the scabs that were taking over my face, well I went to my normal doc yest and he said I had an allergy to something, I have just used a new moisturiser and it must be that as I only got them the day after using it. I did think at the time it was a bit stingy"!!!! idiot that I am. Well no more new cream..... sticking to what works from now on. Bloody allergy, what is the world coming to with idiots like me!!! lol. I thought itb was a bit severe
  9. I have just read the posts on this topic and I am amazed that you are not that bothered about going to see a doctor, if you have seen parasites in your faecal matter then urgent action needs to be taken. Yes we CAN have small parasites in our bodies that do us no harm but to actually be able to see them in your bowel movement ishould be a good indicator for you to seek medical help. I am not judging any natural remedies that you may want to try but I would seriously read up on the complications
  10. I know, its just sooo hard. I have to be on show all the time with my job and I feel this just makes me look bad and feel bad.
  11. still got bad skin, still got bad mood. Oh well you have to laugh or you would just cry all the time wouldn't you? Nightmare skin. It is drying up again now but still annoying me. I also have a few active spots on my back and I have never had 1 before on my back, I just hope this is the storm before the calm>>>>>>>>please! I feel so ugly.
  12. Hi, well I have had several nose bleeds in the last week, i also tend to get bits of blood in my "snot". It could be due to everytime you blow, your nose cracks again and bits of blood pass. It wont be a lot, the mucous from your nose will make it look like their is more volume of blood. I have now started to have a nice shower then blow my nose as much as it needs twice a day, i find this helps a lot. I also put a little vaseline up my nostrils with a cotton wool bud and this helps soften the
  13. I know it is just so so disheartening. I feel like a whole week has gone by and I have just been so moody about it all, I am not depressed but my mood has altered so much by the acne. I feel as if I cant look anyone in the eye due to lack of conidence. The main thing is that my skin was nowhere near as bad as it is now before Roaccutane. I guess as you said, it just takes time and maybe I am having another breakout. ( I hope so). What do you wash your face with? anything to recommend? x
  14. Well I am far from a happy bunny. My skin is awful. I have never had skin this bad and I am in my 9th week of tane! It is scabby, crusty and just plain awful. It cleared up but all of a sudden...... I look like someone has just attacked my face with something. I have also had active acne in last 7 days which I thought had stopped. What is going on? I have made an appointment with my derm for Thursday and hopefully t=he will sort it out. I also had a big cyst which I have never had before on my