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  1. thank u for replying! what do u use for sensitive skin? I think im going to try Clearasil for sensitive skin.. what is ur recommendation? I used to use pHisoderm for sensitive skin, and it worked great only for a month.. i might go back to it.. what u think!?!?!?!?!? I really think that Aveeno is drying me up... and just heard that Witch Hazel is not good for acne prone skin. :? so i dont know.. thanks.. anyone!?!?!?!?
  2. Ok, im so confuse, im going to cry. I have been using Aveeno oatmeal soap for combo skin, and it has been drying out my skin really bad. I can see flakes, after each time i wash my face. I got the Dickenson's Witchhazel as a toner.. is this stuff good? I notice on the cotton ball, bunch of brown spots.. are those dead skin? I use Zapzyt, and it works great. I used AHA at night.. and BHA in the morning. Im still breaking out. I need a new creamy cleanser that doesnt lather up.
  3. sorry for last post.. i was in a hurry. yeah, its been a long time since ive used this method..and i decided to do it again.. and see what happens.. i started breakin out again, kinda.. and i dont know why. i think it might be the CG pressed powder.. i dont wear makeup, only when i go to work... but i cant seem to find one that stays matte and wont breka me out, anyone? thanks. -blue-
  4. thanks for ur input.. i started it when Clinique demostrated the dead skin on the tape... if u remember.. anyhow.. yeah it works well..
  5. as for moisturizing.. what do u think about using pure Vit. E oil????? I think it does cause breakout? Also.. What about Aqua Glycolic face cream, which contains 12% glycolic acid????? Thanks -blue-
  6. I brought this at Wal-MArt for under $3, and it worked betterthan Persagel, Biore, and Neutrogena.. I put it in areas where i normally breakout, and on existing breakouts. The next morning, they're a lot smaller, and I havent broke out yet. WoW. :roll:
  7. you can the Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser and cream from the pharmacy.. Got to Walmart Pharmacy, and ask to order Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser and cream.. it usually ships the next day. goodluck
  8. Sorry for the late reply... In the morning, I use aqua glycolic facial cleanser... at night I use the same facial cleanser.. then apply the aqua glycolic face cream. Sometimes in mid-day.. i wash my face with Palmer's eventone skin success soap which helped a lot!!! Every 3-4 days I use the Queen Helene Mud Mask.. and rarely use the Mint Julep mask. once a week, I use rubbing alcohol as a toner, and that helped get rid of impurities in my skin.. Thats about it. Ive used Mint Julep facial
  9. I use bp cream after i apply the glycolic acid cream.. will write back later.
  10. Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleanser and face cream should do the trick.
  11. omg.. my skin is soooo much clearer!!!! i have small tiny pimples, but they;re better than big ones.. im soooo happy, i feel so much better, the scars are fading.. and its been a little over 2 weeks!!! =) the cleansers does work.. but using the cream has helped a lot!!!! you will definitely notice the difference!
  12. Sav-on drugstore. thats the only store that has it.
  13. it works great.. yeah, it might be harsh..but its NOT!! I use it when i need to.. but my face is clearing up. =)
  14. Red marks, brown spots.. and even indented scars.. Ive notice how my skin is becoming more soft and smooth. I think both Aqua Glycolic and Queen Helene is doing the job. You should give it a try.
  15. Mercer- do u use the face cream morning and night? or once at night? I dont know if i should use in the morning too.. thanks.