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  1. after avoiding alot of foods over the years & becoming sickly skinny & unhealthy looking. I went on accutane I was nearly denied that because my body weight was disgusting. After accutne I have gone back to eating what I want & have put on 10 kgs & I'm at my average weight. I re-introduced dairy into my diet. And allow myself to eat take away but balancing it out with fruit & veg. I'm alot healthier now luckily. Playing with your diet when you don't know what you are doing is
  2. Accutane made me worse until the last two weeks, I thought I made a big mistake, but now I'm 2 yrs after accutane.....and I get a pimple here & there. Don't give up... I remember at the time on the forums my expereince was so diff to most ppls. Ps - reading back over ur exp, it's almost excatly like mine, except being put up higher to 80 & 90, maybe you should of tried to keep a constant lvl after the 40...changing doses could be not helping all the time
  3. I know this guy with pretty bad acne scars, but he is really handsome & good looking, I don't even see them anymore
  4. I really need to go to the hairdressers but i cant make myself go
  5. do accutane, 2 yrs on for me and only a few little bumps here and there
  6. Hehe everyone here is so innocent I feel so dirty now...it's the day and age of friends with benefits ppl:P
  7. you may just be blessed with a great body plus the bulking it up gene, you look great.
  8. Our bodies have adjusted to eat all kinds of foods. If you live life like this and never enjoy foods how boring a life that will be? when your probably 70 you'll look back and wish you just enjoyed yourself the way you wanted. Eat good but eat happy!
  9. I know muslim men who have recently had affairs on their wifes, but they say they are 'allowed to' but the women get in trouble if they are inthe same room as another guy. Funny that
  10. Before I went on accutane I tried an acne diet....which didnt work much I lost alot of weight too since accutane I mainly drink 2 glasses a milk a day, heaps of yoghurt...eggs, salmon, pasta....I've put on 10 kgs easily..so much healthier for it....I looked really sick when I wasn't eating these things.
  11. I just spent a week eating nothing but diary...because i had my wisdoms out...no change in my skin really
  12. havent been around in awhile...but im still using everyday minerals and loving it, getting the whole family onto it now....I'm still a fair medium girl.
  13. you guys are missing the point, it's only human nature..natural to hate/dislike something disturbing ...its not that they are complaining about 'one' it's just they don't like having that on them fullstop.