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  1. Hmmm. Got it. THanks. I was overly eager and applied too much and now can walk around looking I got sunburnt in one very specific part of my face. Will take a break and begin tolerance buildup again once initial redness subsides.
  2. Its possible that you applied too much. How much did you use? Are you using any other prodcuts with it?
  3. I have read a lot of good things about finacea, but I have used it for the past 2 nights, and the results were: 1) My skin itched and burned like crazy upon application. This subsided in about 10 minutes. 2) Dried my skin out like crazy. 3) My skin is redder than before! Number 3 is the killer, since I applied to make the skin less red. Do you think I might have applied too much? Thanks for any help guys!
  4. I have relatively pale skin with no acne but on the right side of my nose near where it meets the rest of my face is a dark spot (purple/dark red). It sort of trails down along the edge of my nose/face and then expands a bit into the area between my nose and upper lip. It is also present on the left side of my nose but is not as significant. It's been there for years, does not itch, does not really flake. It just looks bad. I've tried Nizoral thinking it was perhaps seborrheic dermatitis but th
  5. About five weeks ago, I (Stupidly) tried to squeeze out the small blackheads on my nose. Squeeze as in REALLY vigorously squeeze. Unfortunately, it left dark marks on my nose (and, of course, the blackheads came back immediately). The darker skin doesn't seem to be on the surface, but rather, beneath it, and it hasn't really changed much since five weeks ago. Have any of you had this experience and know of a product that might help? For a while, I was also applying apple cider vinegar, and the
  6. i am tempted to say that's what's happening, but my blackheads look the same as ever (pinhead-sized little black dots). but i can tell that underneath the immediate first layer of skin on my nose are random small reddish blotches. the skin itself isn't bumping or rashy, and the red blotches are not extremely noticeable, but i don't think that is a sign of crap coming up, right?
  7. hmm...i hope you are right. i did not actually use ACV and mandelic acid at the same time. I've been using just mandelic acid for the past week, with baking soda as exfoliator occasionally.
  8. Have any of you found that certain treatments (I guess acidic ones) such as Apple Cider Vinegar and mandelic acid make certain parts of your skin worse? I have small blackheads on my nose (I have extremely oily skin there) and I've tried to be gentle while using ACV and mandelic acid (both with and without cleansing before with baking soda for exfoliation) and the blackheads remain but the skin looks blotchy and has hints of redness. It's not terrible but things certainly aren't improving. Shoul
  9. i am finding that ACV and mandelic acid do the same to my nose, and the balckheads are not going away. have you found a product that does work for blackheads, or know of a product that is good for removing the small but annoying blackheads on noses for our skin type?
  10. Do any of you have new stories that might inspire me in my battle with SD? I just learned about it today actually although I have had it at the sides of my nose for years. I just purchased Nizoral Cream and a 2% Pyrithione Zinc cleanser and am excited to see what they do. Have any of you tried Nizoral or the cleanser or have seen any product that really works? Thanks for any help!
  11. when you apply the baking soda and ACV to your face, how long do you apply each one for? For the baking soda, do you massage it for about 10-15 secs and then rinse off? And for ACV, would I simply dab on my face until I got all the areas covered, or should I continue dabbing the same spot for a certain amount of time? Thanks.