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  1. Hey! So, i eliminated dairy-product from my diet about 7-8 months ago in order to clear my acne. And it worked! I'm a %100 clear now. So, the problem is, im a teenager and still developing. And i need calcium. My parents are like, "if you continue like this your going to have serious problems in the future!" To be honest, that reeaaallly scared me. I eat all calcium rich foods like dill,parsley,almonds but i still feel like its never enough because recently i noticed that my nails weakend etc. I
  2. Thank you! Yup, i was deficient in iron. I fixed that months ago though. I haven't got checked in a while.
  3. Really? Wow i really didn't know that! All my life i was able to eat dairy products with no problem. Then i quit dairy because of my acne. But now, whenever i consume foods made with dairy products, i start to feel nauseous, and next morning wake up with acne. That didn't happened before i quit dairy. Today in a restaurant i had spaghetti with tomato sauce (tomato sauce turned out to have cream and milk in it, and the waiters didn't told me that the sauce had dairy in it even though i asked twic
  4. Thanks a lot! I'm trying really really hard to get rid of this thing. Maybe i'll get help from a doctor. Thanks for the recipes and shopping list! I'll definitely try that banana smoothie out! Sounds delicious. I'm 16. <3
  5. 1) When my acne started, about 6 months ago, first i cut out dairy. But i wasn't too strict about it. I would eat a little amount like food prepared with dairy( croissants etc). I wasnt eating processed food at that time. (Like chocolate,chips.. I was fine with it, but i still ate white sugar, pasta, white flour). It made me clear up %95. I didnt had a problem with gluten 2)I was 105 pounds. 3)Well, yesterday i ate a tomato for breakfast. For lunch i ate cucumbers. For dinner i ate omelet
  6. Thank you sooooo much<3 Thanks! I really want to gain weight... How is it possible when i avoid dairy and sugar -even natural sugars that comes from fruits- is it okay if i eat fruits?
  7. Yeah i want to see i psychologist... I'm 5'6 and weigh 90 pounds because of this... I can't even enjoy life.. I cry everytime someone eats pizza. Or other things i use to eat. All my life i was able to eat like anything i want. It didnt cause me any problem. Now im scared of food. I basically starve myself thorought the day. It's horrible. I just want to be normal and enjoy life and eat the things i want Thank you!
  8. I'm scared if quinoa will cause an allergic reaction and aggravate my acne. I'm scared of trying new food..
  9. Probably. Cutting out dairy helped me sooo much! But i wonder if gut issues cause acne
  10. I understand you! All my life i was able to eat whatever crap i want and not get a single small whitehead from it! My skin suddenly got worse. It destroyed myself confidence. Before this acne thing i really loved the way i looked. I didn't even knew that sites like this existed! I just want to be normal again and enjoy life Thanks for help
  11. I already cut out dairy. I'm also gluten free. Allergic to oats. No sugar. I had to cut out fruit also because in these forums they say that even natural sugars from fruit causes acne! Potatoes cause acne, rice causes acne, nightshade vegetables and certain fruits cause acne, nuts cause acne, beans&legumes causes acne, soy causes acne... The list goes on.. What is there left to eat? I cant find anything to eat! I'm SCARED to eat because they say nearly everything causes acne! Im severely und
  12. Hey guys. I wonder if peaches cause acne, and what other things can cause acne? I'm already dairy-free, it helped SO much. But right now i have the fear that EVERYTHING i eat will cause acne. I'm severely underweight because of this and i hate the way i look. anyway, does peaches cause acne? Thanks.