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  1. Egh, that has to be really bad for you. I'm in the same boat, so I don't have any advice. Sorry... i was exaggerating a little, i don't drink that much, maybe 3 or 4 cups. plus it isn't that bad because i don't use sugar or cream or anything, and that is the unhealthy part.
  2. I'm feeling very morose right now. My girlfriend stuck her dildo in my anus this morning and I feel so terrible about letting her do it. I feel like absolute trash right now.
  3. For the effect of a pale white face, what is better to use? Foundation or white powder. Or am I just dumb and not realize that they are the same thing? What product would be best for not irritating acne?
  4. Today I met a girl that had bad acne. She was the "emo" type but she was so fucking hot. I got her phone number and I'm meeting up with her sometime next week. I really don't care about her acne at all she is just so beautiful. I love skinny girls!
  5. I use Vaseline Intensive Care: Renew & Protect Moisterizing Lotion. About the differin, my doctor told me to apply differin in the morning and duac at night. :cry: Also, I wash my face with Zap Zit soap before I apply a cream. Is this a good idea or not?
  6. I take Differin gel in the morning and Duac topical gel in the evening. My skin seems to be getting dry from these products so I apply moisterizer cream along with them. Is this a bad idea? Could the moisterizer and Differin/Duac gels react and be less effective or something? If it is fine, what should I apply first? The acne cream or the moisterizer?
  7. I take differin gel in the morning and some other prescription cream in the evening. Anyway, in the middle of the day I wash my face with ZapZit soap. Is once a day enough? I have heard that washing your face too much can actually make your acne worse. So I am really confused. Does ZapZit soap even work? Or am I wasting my time?
  8. I really hate all those Proactiv commercials where celebrities are payed to lie that Proactiv cleared their skin. I especially hate the one with Kelly Clarkson where she says "I didn't want to look like a pizza." That bitch is fucking ugly and has a terrible voice.