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  1. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    This is the right side of my face. Redness go away! haha
  2. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    new pimples forming on jawline. Most of the tiny little bumps that i have, turn into break outs. I guess accutane is just flushing out the bad stuff. My face is alot smoother now. its only been 2 months! i cant wait til the 5 months!!!!
  3. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    So this is the left side of my face... its not as blotchy but still redness and a previous breakout is still evident. NO MAKEUP
  4. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    In this photo im wearing no more than lipgloss. The front of my face is no longer blotchy or uneven. click the image to enlarge. No foundation.. no photoshop.
  5. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    THANKS EVERYONE DEARLY FOR VOTING! I APPRECIATE IT MUCH! XOXO AS FOR my progress with accutane.. I had another recent break out, but the red blotchy spots seem to be vanishing alot faster. My lips are constatly chapped but they dont bother me at all. The dry spots on my face go away with facial lotion BUT although my face is somewhat dry, those are the areas that are clearing up. My blackheads around those dry areas have disappeared and my pores are definately getting smaller. Finally after
  7. THANKS SO MUCH!!!! XOXOXO!!! youre too cute!
  8. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    SO ive been noticing a lot of views.. but only have about 200 votes for the contest. i would appreciate your time.. just a simple click.. it takes 2 seconds i kid you not!!! thanks for all the support! feel free to browse around or add me on myspace!! my blog says......... "SMASHBOX MODEL SEARCH 2007 So I was informed that a modeling search was going on. Apparently some models have been on there for months. Im a little behind, well, very behind in votes haha , but i hope to spread the

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  9. thank you for your vote!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo muah!!** spread the word!
  10. thank you so very much for the beautiful comment!!! and thank you so much for your vote! xoxo.
  11. thank you guys so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spread the word if you can! I appreciate all your votes! As for my skin issue, i broke out recently. in my past photos, i labeled 2 months, when actually it was only 1 month. sorry for the confusion! Its been 2 months and 2 weeks so far, marking today... I had a huge break out. The tiny little bumbs that i have are my face are finally surfacing... causing my break outs. but hopefully by june ill have some managable skin. Most of m
  12. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

  13. ive been on it for about 1 month and 2 weeks. i dont really get much active acne. and when i do , they arent really a big deal. its not like my normal outbreaks. thank goodness!! haha. but yeah keep with it. itll clear up in no time. especially if you have mild- moderate acne.. like i do. xoxoxo
  14. much appreciated!! but im wearing alot of makeup! the only thing i like about my acne.. ( not that its good) haha its that its not too bumpy.. it can be covered up.. but its still a problem!!! ugh. i hate it. its clearing up though. thanks to ACCUTANE!! xoxo..
  15. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    Obviously wearing makeup haha, this is the same day as previous pictures where im wearing the pink sweater. if you want to check out my myspace. feel free. http://www.myspace.com/earthangel555 give it some time to load. i have a ton of pictures. xoxo
  16. i found it on a website ChemOne.com i was on this forum/chat room thing. I dont know what the website was called. but a bunch of people were buying this product online and were seeing results. Its only 75 bucks and lasts about 2 months depending on your dosage. I started at 40mg, but i pushed it up to 60 going on the 2nd month. anyway.i m glad you enjoyed my pictures!! if you have a myspace, dont hesitate to add me!! xoxo much luv!!! sarah
  17. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    another angle... anyway this is my last picture to upload. ill keep you posted on any progress or downfalls with accutane. I can notice a difference already. I just hope this clears up before summer!
  18. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    Also, you can notice my chapped lips. they dont hurt though i promise.
  19. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    The first week i got horrible horrible migrains. I havent really gotten a severe "dry out" on my face... it just feels a little tight. sometimes hard to smile. haha. heres another angle.. all these images, im wearing NO MAKEUP. sarah
  20. From the album: ACCUTANE JOURNEY

    So its been a month since ive been on accutane. my lips are chapped and dry but they dont hurt. Ive been getting really dry around my nose chin and mouth area. But ive noticed that that area has been healing the best. My complexion is evening out now. I do still get breakouts, but they arent as severe and they seem to be controlled. They also dry out quicker too. Overall im pretty pleased with the results. I know my face still has alot of healing to do, but im glad i started this as soon as i go
  21. SarahVVV

    Here we go again..

    your skin is not tha bad either missy!!!! haha