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  1. I just bought The Body Shop's Aloe Cleanser. I love it! I will continue to buy their products. Give their tea tree oil line a chance. It's on sale right now..2 products for 18 dollars.
  2. Just got done watching a movie...so I was thinking about famous people. I'm not so much impressed with how their skin looks in movies b/c I know a lot of it is hours of makeup and lighting. But I was wondering, they have a ton of money, they can buy whatever they want in terms of skin care. What do you think their regimens consist of? Most actresses are older so they dont really have to worry about acne persay but I wonder what they use to wash their faces and such. Just thinking about Angel
  3. I think it has a lot more to do with your Birth control pills. I remember when I was on accutane I felt no difference in my sex drive. Only sometimes I didnt want to get physical cus I knew my skin would flake everywhere lol. You may want to try out a different Birth Control Pill.
  4. some doctors just have different feelings towards accutane. I remember my friend was so pissed off that I told him I was on accutane (since I had very mild acne). I guess back in the 80s he had severe cystic acne and he had to visit over 4 different dermatologists to find one that would prescribe it and he's left with a bunch of scars. My derms wife and daughters have all been on it. Heck, I was in his office the other day with one pimple and he asked me if I wanted to go back on Accutane. I w
  5. yeah i used to not go to class when I couldnt get things just right. Then I would walk around campus later and see tons of people who I thought "wow I would have stayed home like that" then I'd get pissed at myself for not going. A few weeks ago I had a little breakout that I managed to cover with makeup. I wouldnt dare touch it cus I had it covered just right. I get there and my coworker is sitting at the front desk picking and touching all over her face. I just though wow, does she not ca
  6. I wouldnt bring it up. Maybe he really doesnt notice and it doesnt bother him a bit, why get him thinking about it? then comes the next years of trying to find a regimen..I say let him stay innocent about it for a bit so he doesnt have to start worrying about how to clear it up. If you do see anything that seems like he could be slightly bothered by it then by all means get to figuring it out.
  7. without knowing exactly what you have I am not sure. But, it sounds an awful like what I just got over and what helped was Coconut Oil, from a health food store. Just rub it on for a few nights. Neem has antifungal properties. So if you responded to that I suspect you may have some sort of fungus or yeast. Coconut oil can kill both and if that doesnt work atleast it was a good moisturiser. If that doesnt work I suggest using a bit of diluted Hibiclens on your face as a wash. If that still
  8. So I've had this awful patch of bumpy dry skin on my chin for about a month now. I've had it before for 3 months and it finally went away. Dermatologist says its perioral dermatitis. I've been on an antibotic for a week. It got a bit worse... I went to the health food store yesterday and was talking to this holistic lady and she was like "see, i look at that and I think yeast, cut out your sugar" Then she gave me a jar of coconut oil. I put some on last night...woke up this morning..and the
  9. I remember last year, I mentioned to my friend that I had a dermatologist appointment that day. He seemed surprised that I went to one because he didnt know I had just come off of Accutane so I was clear. He has what I would call serious acne. I wanted to get to talking about it because I was always in wonderment as how he seemed to have a normal life with it. So I was like "yeah, doesnt everyone go to one" and he said "no, I thought about getting that clear system at walgreens one of these day
  10. my little sister is always saying things about how obsessed I am with my skin and how I'm OCD and crazy, but I dont take her seriously. Anyways, i was at the dentist the other day. and the hygenist was in my mouth and I said "Yeah, I just woke up with this i dunno what it is" and she goes "yeah, are you stressed out?" and I said "huh!? stress causes blood blisters?? weird" I had one on the inside of my lip. She thought I was referring to my slight case of dermatitis around my mouth that looks
  11. I had no idea all this crap (chemicals) I was using were so bad on my skin. Today I went out and bought: Teeth: SLS Free Xylitol Toothpaste Body Wash: Dr. Bronners Lavender Soap Face Wash: The body shop Aloe gentle cleanser (has some chemicals) Moisturiser: Jojoba Oil Shampoo: Herbal Shampoo (no idea what its called, it was in a large pump tub at the health store but I do remember there being no scientific words) Conditioner: Herbal (see above) For my dermatitis: Lady at the health f
  12. does cost matter when it comes to these things. I'm talking blush brushes (to apply powder foundation) MAC has some for 50. Sephora has some that are like 30. I've always used a 4 dollar one that I got at target. I'd hate to drop anything over 20 dollars for a brush. I know some are all natural and hand made yadda yadda but does it make any difference to how your makeup looks?
  13. My dermatologist recommends Cetaphil Cleanser. I love it but, I just found out that I'm sensitve to SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and Cetaphil contains that. I'm trying to completly switch everything on my face to stuff that doesnt have any chemicals. I'm looking for something like Cetaphil (just a general cleanser) but all natural. thanks!
  14. I had an awful time getting to bed at a decent hour last school year. I've used a bottles worth of melationin so far. I love the stuff. Take one or two and you're sleepy and out like a light in 30min. Wacky dreams for sure. Some nightmares but I think those are interesting anyways. In the morning provided you dont get woken up with only 3 or 4 hours of sleep you should feel really fresh and ready to go. only thing thats scary is it works so well, I hope theres no long term damage or such.
  15. yup never eating fast food ever again...great. ignorance is bliss : ( lol.