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  1. the same thing happens to me, if i have a cut it will also clear up faster when i go to the ocean more, and i think the sun plays a big role in that too. with the acne not the cut lol
  2. i used to have it on my scalp very servely, i wasnt allowed to get haircuts because they whould show and start to bleed. Nothing really cleared it up, i tried bp and different shampoos but nothing really worked. But with time it eventually went away, i tried to look back and see what i did differently. I just shampooed every other day from doing it everyday and i also used head and shoulders dandruffed control 2 times a week. i think if you think about it too much it will get worse or stay t
  3. im sorry i meant to say that when i stoped using it in the morning my acne came back, and was wonding if there was anything else i can do in the morning
  4. Hi everyone I've been on the regimen for awhile now, I have mild to moderate acne. When I was doing it twice a day I was completley clear, but it ruined so many of my good shirts. Can I do something else in the morning instead of bp?
  5. Can you use lemon juice with the regimen, if so when do you use the lemon juice and how should it be done?
  6. lemon juice works very well on everything, it worked on my blackheads, my small whiteheads, and my body acne. I think fresh lemons are better then the bottle stuff, because theres things added into the bottled stuff. I saw result within days on my chest and back, but for my face it was like a week.
  7. Does anyone know of a good multivitamin to talke with the regimen??
  8. when you started taking the primrose oil did you stop eating junk food and start eating healthy?
  9. i used proactive for 2 years did a little and now im on dkr