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  1. I relate to having the illusion of good skin in some lighting. I prefer night and indoor lighting as well. I'm hoping to improve my skin this year though. Your skin is not that bad though. I thought it would be worse with the username.
  2. I tried sandpaper on my nose. I was around 15 I think. Had tried every product and nothing worked. I hoped it would peel and reveal clear skin underneath but no.
  3. I'm sure it will be fine. It reminds me a bit of stitching I had on my ankle a few years ago. I thought it looked a bit worrying at the time and would scar but the nurse assured me that the surgeon had done a great job. Any unevenness I think is just swelling after surgery. Today when I look at the area there is only the very faintest white line there. I didn't apply anything to it to help it fade etc, obviously it's not as important in that area as the face. Anyway, just thought I'd share that
  4. Jade11

    Scars & large pores

    Showing scars on my face and large pores.
  5. Would you consider purchasing your own device? I know that some people prefer to be treated by a specialist and that's fine. Purchasing your own device can save money.
  6. I took accutane at age 15 and again at 19. I was happy 16 to 17 that it cleared the acne, however breakouts again at age 18-19 were extremely bad. Worse than any I had previously. Giant cysts all around my face. I rarely got acne on my lower cheeks or jaw area until after accutane... In short, I believe that accutane is bad. I think what it does is 'shock the system' into getting rid of acne for a while. But long term it can lead to worse acne and worse scarring. I also believe it weakened my
  7. I would leave out the SPF on nose and other clogged areas. Also would not use oil on clogged skin. My skin is of similar texture (a bit worse maybe). I never use moisturiser, don't need it. The natural oils in the skin keep it moisturised. I also question the use of 'brightening' cream. I don't know the product but it doesn't sound necessary. It sounds like something for older skin. Drink plenty of water and as clean a diet as possible can help with texture and brightness. I can relate though
  8. Yes, it's a bit risky. That's why I thought I'd ask here. It's an expensive product. I don't like to throw things away if I could still use it. What I'll probably do is patch test for a few days on some part of the body. I was also thinking of adding some mild disinfectant to it. They didn't list ingredients, I'm presuming it's just one ingredient + water. If you have any knowledge of chemistry etc, would like to hear from you.
  9. Coming out of a phase of doing nothing about skin problems for a few years, I found this bottle of copper peptides recently. I'm thinking of using it for my new regimen. I've attached pics of the bottle. According to the label it was manufactured in 02/2008. Would it still be ok to use? Another reason I'm posting is I've read some reports around the web saying the recipe was changed at some point from "real copper peptides" to fake. I'm hoping someone reading this might be able to tell if th
  10. Jade11


    scars and large pores