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  1. is didnt have oliy skin i had cystic acne DICk and it worked for me well whatever iam not going to continue on with this stupied arrgument ill pay whatever it takes to heal my face and this is what worked and now i am as happy as ever. who cares what it cost to make who cares what it cost if it cured me and me look good then damnit why would i not pay it. its like saying u have cancer and it cost X amount of money to get a cure but u wont pay it cause you think its to much. hey iam not comparing
  2. you stupied fucker iam posting what worked for me and trying to get it out their if you dont like it then dont use it. dont knock on the shit i use to cure myself.
  3. Proactive Duac Gel Retin a Retin a micro differin gel tetracyclin miocyclin anti toxin pills liver cleansers colon cleansers b5 All the wash and scrubs olay regenration PB Diors Acne Treatment Borgesa mud and clay treatments lol i think thats about it all did the same thing give a little result then completely turn against me its like satan is fuckig with my brain
  4. La Mer The Oil Absorbing Lotion Price $140.00 NMOS4_C2678 thats your cure thats all you need 140 will cure your face or u can keep wasting more money on crap that doesnt work
  5. As some might know my name is Jp and i have posted in my 3 days here what i think is some helpful information but now i want to talk about everyones obsession with perfection. In 2001 i started doing spanish soap opears and there answer to my face was make-up. they would tell me that i need to look perfect in order to be on T.V. This Crap messed with my head and i started to seriously get depressed. As time passed well my acne cured and now my face is almost flawless but heres something that
  6. about 4 to 5 month. you are only suppose to put on a very small amount once a day.
  7. You can see results the next day. But it is an on going process depending on how bad your skin is. it took me about 8 facials and 3 peels to get my skin perfect. i also use La mer http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/...&navAction=jump to maintain my skin since i started this my skin is now looking great
  8. I have been getting lots of emails in regards to my previous post on how i got my skin rid of acne. A lot of people seem to have wrong information in regards to the ingredients of La Mer. Also a lot of people have emailed me saying that they are currently using it and have gotten results. Plz look into the the different types of Creme that are made because as stated previously by someone they seem to find that la mer is very oliy like vaseline. Like everything out on the market we see that produ
  9. Creme de la Mer (InStyle Best Moisturizer Awards) Coveted by those in the know since 1965. Conceived by NASA aerospace physicist Max Huber more than 30 years ago, Crème de la Mer defies the laws of nature. The legendary formula will transform the look of your skin as nothing ever has, leaving it softer, firmer, virtually creaseless. Even the driest of complexions are healed. What's the secret of this miraculous potion? It contains sea kelp, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, plus oils
  10. go get a medical facial and a lite peel at a spa. tell me where your located and ill get you the best place to go in your area.
  11. go get a facial and a lite peel and your red marks will go away
  12. when i had acne thats what the damn Derm did. he switched me off all it did was destroy my face more
  13. when my face was screwed up i would have all the lights off. now my acne is gone my ace is flawless but i still cant get over the light thing i countinue to live in the dark. what the hell is wrong with me lol of well less electric bills jajajaja.
  14. Lactic acid is made from milk. and it used to even out the color on your skin. alteast thats what the guy that does my facils tells me and he uses it on me to even out color