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  1. Hi peeplets, Further to my post here, I've been looking at lots of contradictory advice on using a bodybrush/sponge/round-mesh-ball-thing/loofa/etc/head-of-small-child on your back. I have quite oily and scarred skin on my back/shoulders. Mild-moderate acne, max 20 zits active on entire back/shoulders at any one time. Can one of these implements help 'exfoliate' before the application of BP/H&S? What the hell does exfoliating mean/do anyway? Can these things carry and spread bacteria?
  2. Review of H&S experiment For those curious/interested/experienced and willing to help, here's my update. Still waiting (UK) for my DKR supply ofr BP and am running low, so have decided to abandon it for Chest/Shoulders/Back - still doing facial twice daily - in order to experiment properly with H&S on my body. No miracle clear up of biblical proportions as advertised by others on this thread, but I've noted a) progress to be pleased with, and b) explanations for the lack of progess
  3. I'm so obsessed with the new addition to my morning/evening routines, that I have BP on the brain.... this evening I caught myself (just in time) having put BP on my toothbrush....! Maybe the celebs are missing a trick and this is an undiscovered cheapo whitening method?! (For the record - I didn't experiment)
  4. Wooohoo, just picked up the Classic Clean (without conditioner as advised in this thread). Didn't go for it - only have 250ml bottle so could switch in the near future - but there was also a Classic Clean ***EXTRA ZINC CHROME DANDRUFF KILLER** or some such there. What's the thinking on this?
  5. A good site (for comparing the supermarkets on this....and on any other grocery shopping come to think of it) is: http://www.trollydolly.co.uk/ You can do a search for the brand name and it'll show you each product and the supermarket with the lowest price. If you're after special offers/discounts/BOGOFs on things like H&S etc etc, then take a look at http://www.fixtureferrets.co.uk/ which is the same comparison service except for promotions. Neither of them look great in term
  6. Good luck krislee, if your derm is even vaguely human then I hope they will allow you to fast track. Have not really got an acne case (touchwood) that requires asking for Accutane, but general advice from other medical experiences would be to say 'dont be afraid to push and make your case strongly' Sometimes it can feel like it's ...but you know the result will be worth it.
  7. I'm really curious about this regime becuase (as i'm sure everyone in here will appreciate) using enough 2.5% BP to cover the entire upper back, shoulders and chest is bloody expensive! Congrats to everyone who's made this work for them. Having said that, it does seem to be doing something like the trick on my chest/back (or had this breakout just run its course?!?!), so two questions. 1. When using H&S on bacne, shacne and chacne, do any of you feel the need to/recommend/warn against usin
  8. In the thread I was reading, you were being down and self-deprecating, and people don't compliment each other nearly enough these days. As for 'fit', see http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fit

  9. No hairy lads (or ladies...) out there with any tips?
  10. Read some of your posts dude. Dunno about delicious, but will fit do? ;)

  11. Ah this is all really interesting stuff, thankyou everyone. By the way, I am actually using http://www.e45.com/main.asp?pid=3320 this. Good value, but maybe I'm asking for it by putting this on my face too...... Seems to do the job on my body though, and it goes a long way
  12. Cheers - glad to know I'm on the right track. The big pump action thing seems to go a fair way on my body (been using it for a few months before deciding to treat acne anyway). Don't care about the greasy look on the body really, but could do without my face looking like the bottom of a frying pan in the mornings.... What do you use for your face?
  13. Hello UK people! Am I making a massive error by using this?! Using the regimen on Face, Chest, Shoulders and Back - so price is a factor - and (apart from on the face - where it does leave a sheen I find and will be looking for an alternative on the weekend) taking this into account, can I do better for a reasonable price?
  14. Hi guys, Nice to join a really supportive community - this is my first post Background: I have none - mild acne on my face, but moderate to severe on my chest, shoulders and back. Been on Dan's regimen for a few days - really liking it (although with 4 major areas I'm going through the BP fast!) I know it's too early to tell, but I suspect that my hairy chest is preventing the application of my BP (UK: using Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5). What's the consensus from the guys (or gals... maybe) on sh