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  1. Well the regimen worked. I still deal with the occasional whitehead, some blackheads, and lots and lots of oil. Last Thursday, I started on the Obagi Nu Derm system to deal with some of the scarring, and hopefullly the oilyness. I have had a couple of zits come to the surface...I guess it is the "purge". All my skin is peeling off so I look horrible but the skin underneath looks much better. Hopefully after a few "layers" my red marks and scars with be barely noticable.
  2. I like Paula's Choice Carbon mask too.
  3. I use a pillow case for stuff like that
  4. Whoa, that IS fast!! But for PC that was lightning quick
  5. Holy cow that WAS fast! I ordered the 7th and got my order on the 11th
  6. My derm wants me to use the Nu Derm instead of the Clenziderm. That is alot of money so I am not sure what to do????
  7. My skin is soooo oily. Within 30 minutes of washing I can see oily dotting up in my pores within an house I am shiny. Grrrrr! The fish oil helps but I hate taking it. I am also upset because my 9 y/o daughter is the same as me. We cannot find a shampoo that will keep her hair from being so greasy. She likes to take baths at night and sometimes by the next morning her hair is greasy again. She is already getting pimples. It is hard to make an 9 y/o understand that she needs to be washin
  8. I love it. Also, 10 Years Younger. I would have a hard time spending the kind of money they do on those clothes. The whole point, in my opinion, should be to go to "regular" stores in the person's area and find clothes that work. I sincerely doubt everyone runs back to NY and replenishes, ya know? I have gotten some really good tips from them but I am way to cheap to have my clothes tailored.