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  1. Wow...it sure has been forever since I have been on here....i cant believe almost a year ago i was just starting accutane!!! I can NOT be happier with my results...it was no doubt a rough road to travel but with dedication, the help of this site, and a constant image of what my skin will look like i made it!! and i urge all of you, having doubts or upset at this point in your tane stick with it...you WILL have clear skin!! My results have been amazing...check out my gallery pics!! i am so t
  2. youre beautiful! :)

  3. Good luck Casey! Do you know what mg youll be on yet? Trust me in that accutane will change your life. I thought nothing would ever clear me and i was so wrong....its definitely a miracle drug! And the best feeling is when people start complimenting you on your skin....i never thought id hear compliments about my skin in my whole life! Just stick with, youll get discouraged at times but just let it take its course! Good luck in everything, if you ever have a question or anything let me know
  4. Hiya! Everyone seriously has such a huge array of side effects and what they use. I used to take fish oil and vitamin e before hand but i ended up stopping for no reason and didnt notice anything change. I really havent had any side effects either besides dry lips and its really not bad and im on 100mg a day! So everyone is so different.... but i use the equate version (from walmart) of cetaphil--wash & lotion jergens sensitive skin--body lotion aquaphor--lips (you can buy trial size so
  5. yay! good for you....time flies after awhile....i still have a month or so to go....im worried though too that once i stop ill break out again....keep us posted how your post-tane works out!!
  6. DAY 148 (i think) So I had my lderm appointment last friday. She was hoping to be able to take me off but since she started the 100mg for me my skin had pushed some pimples out....extremely small ones and gone within a day, but she still didnt like hearing that. So shes keeping me on the hundred and i will finish out the extra pills i have and then im done!! So like a month-month and a half to go! Time has just flown by, the first couple of months were agonizing and now....i couldnt be happi
  7. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my log. Like everyone else is saying, HANG IN THERE! I promise you in no time youll start noticing a huge difference and people will be commenting how great your skin looks and the youll be completely clear with no worries at all Anyways the cream i am using is called Kinerase Pro Therapy Skin Lightener Bleaching Cream and i had bought it @ my derms office but i know you can get it online. I have seen HUGE improvements, its a bit expensive, but so worth it. It
  8. DAY 115 So, last week i broke out a bit more than have in long time, on the left side of my face. All is healing and cleared up now, but i had my derm appointment today. I told her about the breakout and she said at this point in time she doesnt want to see or hear any of that. So, she upped my dose. Im now at 100mg/day. Which is fine with me because so far the side effects have been next to none. Im just a little nervous that maybe the extra 20mg will make me experience them. I only have
  9. DAY 102 Just a quick update, things are about the same! a few more actives then ive had in a looong time but am staying confident i know breakouts are bound to happen even in your 3-4 month! but skin is improving everyday, i love it. Just got back from San Diego and managed to cover myself well and not get any sun. although i wish i could! when i came back even my dad said "your skin looks good", and it had only been a week since he had seen me. And i am absolutely loving the lightening cream
  10. Good luck! I, too, wish i would of started @ 15! Good for you! In your profile pictures your skin looks great, but, i know we all have issues with our skin. Accutane will do wonders for you, just be patient!!!
  11. sounds like youre doing great to! dont you love it?! i cant wait til my course is over and see my final results!! how long are you on for?
  12. hey barb! thanks for checkin in! the only real side effect i have is dry lips. and aquaphor takes care of that! i really am so amazed by this medicene! yea a hundred bucks can you believe it?! it better work!!!
  13. Hey! Just checkin in...things seem up and down.. hang in there though I PROMISE you itll be so worth it! Just wanted to let ya know i went to the derm today and bought that bleaching cream its made by kinerase-Rx skin lightener bleaching cream. was really expensive though...$99! but if it gets rid of these spots ill be happy!! and im sure you can buy it online also. hang in there sweetie!!