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  1. james77

    Is it the Zinc?

    i take 5000 i.u vitamin a, 2000 of vitamin c, and 175 of zinc a day. vitamins cant cure acne (been using for about 4 months)
  2. james77

    Zinc research and talk

    i take 150 mg zinc a day and i still get pimples ...
  3. james77

    Help! Scars are worse than I thought

    10 fraxels and youll be perfect
  4. james77

    The Secret

    wow this stuff really works!
  5. why do i have to have red marks for so long? 5 months man, 5 months. v-beam, vitamins, azelex, tazorac, aveeno moisterizer, light exfoliation with st ives ... actually pimples are better than red marks
  6. james77

    SmoothingBeam/V-beam in Kansas

    not sure about the vbeam. but i used to live in lawrence
  7. i had 15 cysts on my face at one time, and only 1 made a small scar.
  8. helps my red marks and or scars?
  9. i wanna reinvent the heartbeat, sleep with suicide... im so lost in medications, miss my butterflies... i wanna lose you in the sun beams, destroy our way through the day, love like the world was ending... cause im still dying anyways! i wanna hide in your shadow, we can wander far away, i could love you more than those other boys, though i'm still dying anyways! i wanna reinvent the heartbeat... sleep with suicide, im so lost in medications, i miss my butterflies, ...cause im still dying an
  10. james77

    God & Acne

    used to believe this. its not true. god doesnt do shit for me. everything i do is because i did it myself things like acne happen because i get shitty genes
  11. james77

    red marks

    did the vbeam cause the hyperpigmentation? or did you have it due to the acne, cause i dont have any hyper pigmentation right now. dont want that really. so you think maybe after 4-5 i should be happier?
  12. alright ive had the same red marks for 5 months and a few days. im on azelex, and tazorac. i take 150 zinc a day, 10,000 i.u vitamin e (beta carotene), 100 of vitamin e a day. and 2,000 of vitamin c a day. ive had 2 v-beams so far, and will continue doing them once a month. how long should these red marks last for fuck sake?
  13. Hey James, thanks for the add (: