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  1. Honestly, quality over quantity. Acne puts a damper on everything for me. And the thought of aging is kind of depressing anyway.
  2. Has anyone tried this for depression? I tried it once, but I don't think I was taking enough and I've heard the tincture is more effective than the capsules.
  3. I've heard about biotin and kelp. What are some others?
  4. I had the best salad. Chicken strips plum tomato feta garlic grated, rosemary heat to until warm and cheese is slightly melted Take off heat and pour over bed of mixed spring greens, drizzle with olive oil OMG orgasmic. Yeah, the chicken strips take time. They were leftovers for me, so it was fast. I make them a bunch at a time. Sometimes I'll just have a banana with nut butter for lunch. Nummy. My breakfast everyday is an omelette with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and some kind of che
  5. Have you tried a paleo diet?
  6. Well, in most cases vegetables far outweigh fruit in terms of nutrients. But fruit has some good stuff too. My point is if you want to load up on one food to improve health, it should be veggies, especially green leafy veggies...not fruit. Then have fruit in moderate amounts amounts and make it the ones with the most nutrients. Berries are excellent and low in sugar. Try having a veggies stir fry, steamed greens, or better yet a big salad in place of a serving of fruit. Oh yeah, some peop
  7. Hmm, well the gluten free muffins could be okay. If I were you I'd cut out gluten first (search for a list of foods online you can have) and then if that doesn't work try eliminating all grains and then move on to dairy if that still doesn't help. It's really important to do things one at a time and for a while (say, a month). I was lucky in that it only took me a week to improve but most people take more. As for meals I just...didn't have any grains. I can't have oats or any type of grains.
  8. I say if it's not an emergency, play around with your diet and remedies first. The key to eliminating my gas was to stop eating grains. I never have gas now. Like, ever. It is amazing. I know a few people with this experience, so I think there's something to it. Going off grains improved my gut, so now I can handle things like raw veggies/fruits with ease. I'd give it a shot. I saw results within the first week or so.
  9. Add lots of healthy fats to your diet. Stock up on your favourite foods, just try to make the majority of them semi-healthy. If you eat grains, whole wheat pasta lasangna makes me gain weight like nothing else. This is even the case with my skinny friends who have trouble gaining. Beverages/smoothies can add a lot of cals too without feeling stuffed. After awhile though, your body will get used to a larger food intake so you shouldn't feel stuffed. Just like it adapts to less food coming
  10. Refined sugar is worse than salt. Unless there's iodine in the salt that's breaking you out. But refined sugar can screw you up in so many ways if you eat enough of it.
  11. GNC sells a women's multi with no iodine or iron. The site will give you a store directory. I take their regular mega multi for women but with iron/iodine. It hasn't given me a problem and helps a LOT with my energy levels. Even though it's for women, I think it's a great basic multivitamin for everyone.
  12. Suicide: Read this first http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/
  13. You need therapy. If you are seriously thinking of taking your life: The problem is not your skin, it is your head. People on here have had it longer and most likely worse. However, not all of them are suicidal because their heads are in a different place. I'm not saying you shouldn't feel this way-you feel what you feel and I respect that. But you have to get help. Being suicidal/depressed and cutting yourself is an illness and you need to get help for it. If you discovered you were
  14. I know some people break out from citrus. You could be one of them. Juice bought in the store is not great. You'd be better off spending your money on a bag of oranges. Why? Juice is pausterized so it's not as nutrient/enzyme dense. Plus, there's less fibre which slows down the absorption of sugar. And also, I know a bit about how those juice factories are run...lots of near-rotting oranges are thrown in and juiced. Not very appetizing.