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  1. has anybody had any success or problems with viba tabs and how long did they take to work, if dey worked and if u had problems what were dey ?? plz replie
  2. sure has except i used the actrully plant not the store bought gel
  3. have any of use heard of or used the acne free in 3 days book and does it realli work??
  4. do u think this could work, if you dont have oily skin and your acne is genetic ??
  5. can washing your face with plain water over 4 times a day as well as using a cleanser twice a day be bad for your acne and skin ? plz replie
  6. ai3

    my regimen

    Mourning Wake up Exercise Aloe vera or honey mask 15 mins Nu skin face wash Nu skin toner Nu skin day treatment Afternoon/after school Exercise Splash wash with water Aloe vera plant rub Night Exercise Honey mask 20 min (sometimes I add aloe vera with the honey) Nu skin face wash Nu skin toner Nu skin day treatment Internal Viba tabs Aloe vera drink Zinc tablets Vitamin b tablets Lemon/vitamin/water drink Sometimes I drink acv what do u guys think of it, is dere anything im do
  7. could i use a home made honey and aloe vera mask at night before using this regime or would that work badly with this regime? plz replie
  8. could i change my facil cleanser to somthing i have used in the past (it had no bad effects), without my skin breaking out or getting irratated?
  9. can swimming in a public pool, if cholrine in it. make acne worse or irratated?
  10. what is a good way to change your face wash/cleanser without your skin breaking out
  11. has any body had any great sucsess with honey and cinnamon ?
  12. can i use a moisturizer as many times a day as i want? also while sleeping ? (i dont know much about acne and i really want to get rid of mine)plz replie
  13. 4 me pro active worked amaziling for the first 2 nights ..then afta that my skin got realli bad ..dats when i realiized i was allergic to over the counter products now i use home made acne treatments (which works great). maybe it might 4 u 2
  14. could salt water be used as a cleanser ?