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  1. Yes I understand that, sorry for the confusion. I noticed the pre formation because on my chest at one point there were tiny dots that were just a tad red, and after about 2 months they developed into blackheads. I noticed a similar look on your face, so just a heads up, even a simple cleanse, toner, and moisturizer should be fine if you stay consistent
  2. Those look to me like potential blackheads. However, you're in luck- most of us on this website have had/have acne that is a lot harder to treat. I would head over to possibly Walgreens or Target (depending on where you live) and I would look for noncomedigenic blackhead cleanser, and then put a light (1.9% works for me) amount of salicylic acid on it, and keep the skin rinsed and clean throughout the day. This will probably show results in about a week if done properly
  3. 12% seems like a lot. What I have used that was effective for me is a 2% salicylic acid pad, or just the liquid in a bottle, I think the pads are neutrogena and the liquid is Clean and Clear. However if you cannot get these products, I would say apply less, then pat dry afterwards, and do moisturizer unless you have to dry skin out for acne. Good luck
  4. So I have recently been following the Korean skincare routine because it had proved effective for most of my friends. It starts with cleanser, toner, then I put on salicylic acid (2%) across my face, then a strong benzoyl peroxide cream on acne prone areas, and to top it all off I moisturizer at the end. I also use a facial brush in the cleansing process to exfoliate occasionally. Am I doing anything wrong?