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  1. can we still drink juices with vitamin A?
  2. Started on Tuesday, derm said to take 1 40mg pill a day for 2 weeks and then start taking two for another 2 weeks. So far, I do have decreased oil production which is good. Haven't gotten the IB, but have some flaking around mouth though nothing to bad. Haven't needed to use Aquaphor just yet. Still have some whiteheads. Will update soon. Peace Also, I just drank some vitamin juice which has Vitamin A. Can I drink this or should I stop? TIA
  3. Is there really any hope? I mean only thing I've heard is accutane and even thats not guaranteed to stop oil production when you're done with your course... sigh...
  4. Tell her you asked how to approach her on an acne forum. Works everytime.
  5. Didn't know where to put this but I have some questions regarding a PPO health insurance (US) 1.) Is acne considered a pre-existing condition of the bigger companies (i.e. Aetna, BlueShield)? 2.) When I sign-up, on average, how long before my coverage starts (I'm not looking for specifics but is it days, weeks, months)? 3.) Do I have to meet the annual deductible before the insurance starts to copay for office visits and prescription drugs? 4.) Is a dermatologist usually considered a specialis
  6. this sounds lame. we'd have a bunch of people moping about 1 zit behind their ear. I'd rather establish a hierarchy where the most serious of acne sufferers wield the most power. We will enslave the clear skin and put them to work on a cure for us.
  7. this thread needs more ugly people so i can feel better
  8. yes but especially jealous of people I've seen who've had acne but are now clear as can be. Damnit
  9. I don't like to discriminate so I hate everyday of the week equally
  10. Oh yeah.. shelled out $1000 for photodynamic therapy then the derm put me on retin-A saying my acne was cured and I should focus on getting rid of my red marks. What happen? Severe hyperpigmentation, increased oil production, break outs, and supposedly permanent facial removal so now I can only grow a patchy beard... Everyday I look in the mirror seeing this horrible skin-tone with loads of oil. Regret is part of my daily regimen.
  11. face, face, face, oh dear god face. One can dream....
  12. To an extent, I can see it happening. But not if you have oily skin, constant breakouts, uneven skin tone-bordering red inflamed to light grey, and terrible body acne. Luckily, I have all those going for me...
  13. Is there any sources of protein that I can use instead of chicken? (I eat fish, but not "meat")