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  1. most of them I gave the 6 month trial period to... except for yasmin because that one sent me to the hospital. Sort of good news and I hope not to jinx myself... but I havent had any new acne aside from 2 small ones in 4 days.... and Im 2 1/2 weeks into zovia. yay. On a side note.... I read birth control increases risk for cervical cancer with long time use?!?!?!?! Ive had 4 abnormal paps in a row.... I wonder if it is related?!?!?!
  2. holy crap it can convert to testosterone????? Knowing my luck.....jk. There is a generic accutane (sotret I think it was)that I got scratch tested for too and I was allergic to it. I dont know if it had soy in it or not. As for yaz/yazmin... it really tried to kill me., and I got huge cysts on top of the rash in just a few short days of taking it. I did try spiro for 6 months and I didnt get a rash, but I had a viral infection every day until I stopped taking it and it did nothing for the
  3. Accutane contains soy and Im deathly allergic to it. But I wanted to take it anywaysbecause I cry about my skin for the last few years... so to be safe... my allergist scratch tested me with an accutane swab and my arm got the size of a grapefruit. Hence, he said I cant take accutane and I'm allergic . And to be honest I tend to react bad to a lot of meds for some reason. My derm and my gyno said the estrogen is what attacks acne and that the progestin is what can be an issue and often caus
  4. Very true. I figured I'd suck it up and tough out the migraines in exchange for clear skin again... but now I have acne and migraines and it is hardly worth it. 11 days into zovia right now and no improvement, in fact Im a tad worse. I just dont get why if birth control worked before then why isnt it working now? the zovia Im taking now is high in estrogen which is suppossed to be what stops the acne... but thats what my dr said about all the other 8 million pills Ive tried.
  5. Ive asked about it but my dr thinks its a bad idea because I tend to have bad reactions to everything and she said it wouldnt fix the acne
  6. Birth control pills have about a bazillion side effects. Most arent so good, but not everyone gets all of them... and some don't get any side effects apparently. I have tried every pill under the sun and every single one of them regardless of the dose gives me migraines. Never fails. These migraines are so bad that I puke, get vertigo, cant eat, etc and I have to miss work until it goes away. And these migraines are due to the estrogen withdrawel when I come off the pill for my little perio
  7. Well thats why Im confused... desogen actually has a low dose of progestin compared to other bcp's... however the progestin is quite strong suppossedly so its considered a progestin dominant pill. Right now Im a week into zovia and it aint pretty.
  8. I had my horomones tested when this started a few years ago, last year in october, this year in January, and again this year in june. Always the same so I have no clue what the problem is. And I have facial hair that seems worse... its all blonde, but my family is italian so maybe its hereditary? I asked my dr about seeing an endocrinologist and he doesnt think its necessary because I took a bazillion tests (thyroids as well) and they were all fine????? I kind of wondered why zovia isnt hig
  9. I cant take accutane, allergic :( I took spiro... rash and viral infection (took it for six months) When I was 16 I took ortho cyclen for many years. I then went to ortho tri cyclen for several years. And then depo. No break outs ever on any of them. However, I had hideous migraines. So one day I was getting a divorce and I couldnt take the migraines so I figured I didnt need the birth control anymore. Upon quiting, I broke out massively within 3 months. So naturally, I assumed I wa
  10. Im not sure what AHA is so Ill look into it. Im done with desogen so I can either try zovia or diane in a few days. My dr wrote me a prescription for both but suggests I try zovia first because its cheaper and easier to get. I did talk to another girl that took zovia finally and she said it did not get rid of her oily skin, but her acne was much better. I guess in my case its trial and error. Im scared to try both though... just becuase of my weird reaction to yas that almost killed me. I
  11. my topical regimin is just retin a. Nothing else. My derm tried me on ben. peroxide and I got a rash. tried salacitic acid, same thing. Ziana, differin, and a couple of others were a rash too. My face is realy sensative to topicals I guess. My skin isnt so broken out today, but oily as hell. i hate this. i can never tell if anything is working and if I should keep trying something for a while.
  12. Hi, how long did it take to work for you?
  13. Ok.... this is going to be long but it will make better sense when you look at all of it. So I keep reading progestin dominant bcps are bad for acne.. so Im wondering why in earth was I prescribed desogen if it is a progestin dominant bcp? Ive got a prescription for zovia and diane 35, and Im thinking of trying zovia first but no one seems to leave feedback on it. Anyways, heres what i read about progestin dominant pills and why im confused.. (has anyone here had luck with their acne with pro
  14. ok a final update. Im in my last week of desogen pack 3 and I look a tad better, but that was after a massive hideous breakout. So now Im wondering, is desogen working... or is this going to happen again next month. Because last month and the month prior, I started to get better at the end of my pack and then it went to all hell again when I started the next one. My new dr has prescribed me zovia to start if I wish. But Im being a chicken because I havent tried that horomone before, and w
  15. Where are those blotting pads from target located in the store.... are they near the other blotting pads in the face wash area or are they in some other area of the cosmetics department? im going to try to find them