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  1. if your using Adblock or any other adblocking plugin you need to add acne.org to the whitelist.
  2. congrats! do you think that if you stop the regimen you will break out again or do you think your skin has adapted to not having acne?....as good as having clear skin is for once, its also somewhat depressing that we have to continue doing the regimen for the rest of our lives to be acne free... also hows the scars looking? worth the aha? about 2 months ago i tried stopping the regimen cold turkey. it went well for about 4 days then boom! zits everywhere! yeah it sucks being tied d
  3. bump 3 years later and still using Dans Regimen with great success. Figured I would bump up this thread in hopes that it helps more people
  4. My work schedule is all over the place. Some days I work at 5AM somedays I dont work till 2PM. As long as your doing the regimen twice a day you'll be fine. Once in the morning Once at night.
  5. yup same here. been using a electric razor for the better part of a year now. gives a closer shave and no irritation.
  6. I have been on the regimen for about 4 years now. Pretty much you stay on untill you either growout of acne or a cure is found. I have had clear skin for the better part of a year now. Before that though I could have had clear skin for much longer, I just kept trying different methods of the regimen. Such as only using the regimen at night, skipping bp every other day, taking bp out of the regimen completely. All of these ended up in breakouts. The tried and true method of the regimen (Cleanser,
  7. Cleanser = Purpose Cleansing Bar. Not quite as good as Dan's cleanser but works pretty well Moisturizer = Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. It left a shine on my face but it was the only one that didnt cause flakes or left me with dry skin. Key to the regimen is BP, I havent tried the regimen with any other BP besides Dans, but yes 2.5% BP only.
  8. So I have been using the acne.org regimen now for a little over 2 and a half years. Figured I would stop by and give some advice/tips for those of you who are struggling with the regimen. First off a little history about the products I have used prior to the Acne.org regimen. I started to get acne when I was about 15 years old. My mother bought me some clinique acne products. You can actually still buy them Here. I found this Clinique stuff to be very drying and making my acne worse. Then when
  9. dwausa


    honestly i just use the purpose cleansing bar. get a good lather of it and apply where u want to shave, shave, rinse, then cleanse again. best to use as few chemicals as possible.
  10. I personally found it leaving my skin very dry a few hours after i have applied it. back to cetaphil for me.
  11. yeah all the times i have ordered from dan i never get a tracking number and i always use UPS. doesnt make anysense. considering any other site i order from i use UPS or FedEx and I always get a tracking number straight away.
  12. Oh so UPS ships to the post office, and the other comes to my house mailbox? Can someone confirm this? US Mail Priority = if it can fit in the mail box it will be in the mail box, otherwise it will be on your doorstep. UPS = either leave it on your door step or if they cant leave it they will take it back to their warehouse and attempt delivery another time. usually they will leave the package though. Personally I always go with UPS Ground. I dont trust the U.S. mail service with packa
  13. been on the regimen since january. havent had any new pimples or zits pop up for about 2 months now. still have a few redmarks left.
  14. so is it like a cleanser or is it something you leave on all day like BP? also i've been using bp in one form or another for like the past 4 years, havent bleached anything (besides the one time i got a ton of it in my eyebrows...)
  15. dan, do you know how much this moisturizer is going to cost?