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  1. well we all different but end of day for me i can have high sex drive and masturbate a lot. I wouldnt say not having sex is a factor for me, often even if chocice of sex or masturbate i will masturbate or if having sex will still masturbate. So thats not a problem for me at least. Maybe you see it differently? why do you NEED a women to enjoy your sex drive?
  2. anyone find they put of dating and sex due to bad acne? I guess in some ways i did but the irony is after i managed to have partners and lots of sex i was left underwhelmed anyway. so if i dont care for sex then acne is not a problem haha in that aspect though it still sucks
  3. sure but i mean how does one start dating at 30 lol. Women you meet will be like wtf u have 0 dating history and would i want to date older women with lots of experience? would i want a young girl? I dunno about anything. When young i was hot and endowed acne was only on my back attracting females was not a problem but i really ddint care i was more interested in my video games, freinds, sports, going out parties and studies etc... I did not care for relatio
  4. ah scarring well a light tan will hide it i guess. ACtive acne will go in the sun also. I guess if u can get bartender job at home u be in better position. Its easy though man lol. One day doing it and you learn all u need to know. Aint rocket science. Might be hard to get jobs abroad though tbh thats the problem so ull need money to live just in case? where u based. I actually meant Greece, my cousin bf family had bar in Zante. BUt i put it off many times.
  5. bartending in spain, the tan will help your skin or hide acne. I mean as long as u aint hideous ull be ok, i worked in club at home and quite a few bar staff had bad acne but not like cysitc boils with white puss etc that would be a no-no, lots of acne is better than few but horrible looking acne if u get me...but as i said when i went to greece my acne went completely due to sunbathing and swimming in sea,
  6. i went to psychologists on and off over years, anxiety problems, aspergers diagnosis etc..they cant help, didnt help. So i look at my life myself. A few years back i had many freinds at uni, i had some good freinds online and local for gaming, i played football with freinds 1-3x per week. In the last few years all the following has happened. Finished uni and lost friends there. My best and local online gaming mate stopped gaming and talking to
  7. ok fair point but i guess question is what does present consist off? Joining a flat with other young uni guys...unlikely or impossible. Getting a gf and a flat with her...not appealing to me. Sharing a flat with random 20 somethings/older people...again not appealing. Getting a flat alone...financially impossible. So it seems there is no option or way out of my present situation which is living with parents. If i make more money a place of my own is possib
  8. So after high school i pretty much never done anything i wouldnt say it was all due to acne tbh it was my preference anyway to stay home and game etc. BUT I Ddidnt date or pursue females either but again not sure how much acne can contribute to this as it was not something i fully cared about. Anyway late 20s now uni days long gone, freinds and social life almost non existant. Staying at home with parents still, no savings, crap temp job despite my degree and make money online.
  9. Avocados, nuts, coconuts, cold pressed virgin oils I imagine? "Which raw diet are you going to follow? The high-fat diet, or the high-fruit diet? In my experience, trying to find middle-ground has been a frustrating endeavor. The reasons why are a little scientific. Let me explain: On a high-fat diet, insulin sensitivity is greatly reduced, meaning that simple sugars do not arrive to their destination (the cells) as rapidly. When a person on a high-fat diet eats a lot of fruit (sugar)
  10. I wouldve said banana and peach are more suargy than apple and orange and strawberry tbh? Yeah I don't get the apple hatred on this thread sugar content of those fruits (1 cup of each) Banana- 28g Peach- 13g Kiwi- 16g Apple-13g Strawberry- 7g So the fruits that you're avoiding actually have less sugar than the fruits you're eating. well fructose/surcose ratio and fiber and GI load etc...also has to be taken into account and Im sure apples with there skin are fairly low?
  11. I wouldve said banana and peach are more suargy than apple and orange and strawberry tbh?
  12. not my experience. i tried 801010 3 times and even 95/5/5 and each time WHAMMO mega awful awful skin. like the worst skin EVER. cut out all sugar and TA DAAAAH clear skin. fruit might have lovely nutrients etc but it's not for everyone who gets acne... 80/10/10 you mean fat/protein/carbs? huh if you go low carb you want high fats and protein
  13. yeh thats true. but if only eatig kiwis, satsumas, berries (which are very expenisve). Its still hard to get a lot of carbs if Im trying to build muscle. I dunno I think I need at least 100g per day carbs?
  14. I havent felt any ill effects so far. I guess I was just querining others experiences with fruit and acne. at the moment I eat banana pineapple peaches grapefruit mainly. I dotn get sotmach pains etc....or notice any immediate ill effects when I eat them. However, nowadayss fruit in farmed to ahev lots more sugar than would be naturally
  15. I dont know if eating fruit is good or bad or if I can eat excess? Reducing my carbs has improved acne about 90%. Practically zero carbs and no milk. Though I then started eating veggies and fruit. atm I have been eating about 100g carbs worth of fruit as I want to gian muscle so upped my carbs. Maybe 3-5 pieces. I get about 10g carbs from veggies. and maybe 20-30g from carrots or carrot soup. I have not noticed much difference yet but am concerened over the sugar from the fruit? Is i