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  1. It took mine a few days to become pink/red, its due to the acid I think. Once it becomes red its harder to cover. I actually thought the first few days were pretty easy to cover except you can't hide a huge hole and thats whatt they all looked like on me #-o
  2. Thanks so much Maya...I really hope everyone can experience the great results I have had. I am no where near perfection O:) but I now have hope that the road is closer. Tracy
  3. yes, it is perfectly fine to take oral vitamin c supplements
  4. I used 100%, I didn't push as hard into the smaller, more shallow pits/scars. I have the 50% and haven't even opened the bottle. I probably won't use it as I will continue with the 100% Tracy
  5. oops sorry for the typo...I mean poppy6...its early and the coffee hasn't kicked in O:)
  6. Hi Poopy6, I believe the super cop has retinol, squalane, salicyclic acid and several soothing oils. The super cp has a stronger solution of copper peptide then the regular version plus it has the salicyclic acid at a stronger concentration then their exfol serum. So basically the super cp has an added ingredient for exfoliation and acne prevention. Skin biology has several products with retinol in them and they state the products compliment and work well with copper peptides. The same i
  7. I just recently graduated up to the super cp serum and I am using the super cop to spot treat, I haven't had a problem except a little itching after applying them but the emu oil takes care of it. Prior, I was using the exfol serum every morning and the regualr cp serum at night and liked that as well. I am about 18 days post TCA Cross and am having great results. I started the regular cp serum and emu oil about 4 days post treatment. I then started the super cp serum about 7-8 days post tre
  8. Hi Everyone...I haven't posted any updates lately because I wanted to be sure of how I thought my Cross was doing. One thing is for sure, the area's changed frequently from looking not so bad to bad again over the past week. One reason was because the scabs had reformed in the deepest pits, and you really can't tell when scabs are attached. I can tell the most by how my make-up looks. When you have pits, there is no good way to cover them and most of the time the make-up accenuates them making t
  9. Boi_in_the_woods: Your Welcome O:) I am glad you got the document, it will help to read it right before performing. I wish you the very best of luck if you decide to go ahead with it. Let me know if you have any questions. Day 7 update: Areas where scabs came off have re-scabbed, they are also very dark. The difference with this scabbing is that the actual hole has filled in with the scab instead of the when the orginal scab formed to the boundaries of the pit (if this makes sense). They sti
  10. Jonah: I think thats probably accurate. I have a feeling several of the areas I treated may respond well with just 1 treatment. Part of why I choose the 100% TCA was because I wanted the best results I could get with the minimal amount of treating. 1 of them was a small ice pick, not too deep and narrow and it looks as though it may be totally closed. Its really too soon to tell for sure as there is most likely some swelling but the scab is off and its not looking bad at all. At this point its a
  11. Boi_in_the_woods: There are several posts throughout this thread (more so towards the beginning and maybe middle) that will give you the link to where you can purchase the TCA. There are also people who have posted in this thread that have the TCA document and are willing to forward it. This gives details about this treatment from the Doctors who developed, researched and performed it. Please be sure you read this ENTIRE thread before considering purchasing. I have read this entire thread
  12. Thanks James...I truly appreciate your encouragement and assurrance O:) I am also confident this will work and I really have no regrets at this point, but as you know its not pretty the first week or two out. Your posts have allowed me to take a deep breath and tell myself it will be fine....just no more 10 scars at a time for me LOL! If I know this works then waiting 2 years to treat all my scars is nothing compared to the last 10 years of having them. I probably have 20 scars and a majority o
  13. Morning of day 6 update: Most of the scabs were hanging this morning and came off with make-up application as I HAVE to go to work today. Yesterday the itching started and I chanted "do not touch" to myself all day. The shallow areas treated look pretty good and were very easy to cover. Its hard to tell the results at this point as its too soon but I may not have to treat them again as they really don't look bad and the actual pit area is not obvious, just about filled in. The 4 DEEP pits treate
  14. kaiofthesun: After reading the Cross document I chose to use the 100% TCA as it clearly stated the results were better. I have the 50% solution as well but have elected at this point to just plunge in and use the 100%. Several of the pits I have treated are very deep. I will keep everyone updated on my results. I also treated several shallow pits so I will have something to compare it with. My recommendation at this point if I had it to do over would just be to treat 1 or 2 pits (instead of 1