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  1. So I had a scab on the center of my face after popping a huge pimple. Today the scab was basically about to fall off (only one small part was still attached), and usually by the fourth day it's ready to come off. Well one part of it didn't seem quite ready, as it has a small indentation and is red. But the scab wasn't even attached to that area so it wouldn't have made a difference. This could've been due to the fact I noticed a yellow layer over this area like there was still some sort of infec
  2. Ok so yesterday I popped two huge painful (almost cystic) zits on my face. I don't necessarily regret the actual popping because it no longer hurts, but I regret the fact that they've become huge sores. both of them (one more than the other) have formed a yellowish layer on part of it. It looks like an infection or pus. I just want to know how long these scabs will last on my face. (Don't worry, I've quit picking them!) and also don't mind my hideously unplucked eyebrows. The flash really makes
  3. In middle school I had perfect clear skin. It wasn't until 8th grade that I would get the occasional zit. Around winter of that year, a painful zit formed on my chin. Because it hurt, I assumed that the only way to make it go away was to squeeze it. So I did, but I didn't stop. Each day I'd squeeze it and destroy the skin around it. Eventually it scabbed. I picked that scab off. This entire thing lasted for 2 months. It finally faded when I decided enough was enough. But that didn't stop my pick
  4. My acne scab had started to dry around the edges so I thought it was safe to come off. When I pulled it off, I guess one tiny area wasn't ready so it bled slightly. Now there's this dark red mark with a slight indentation where it bled. The indentation has drying scabbish skin in it so I'm assuming it's still healing. What do I do?
  5. LB002

    Acne Scab

    Alright, so stupidly on Wednesday I squeezed the most minor blackhead on my forehead. It shouldn't have even been squeezed, it would've gone away on its own and it was barely noticible. So the next day I drained the rest of the infection out, but now there's a huge dark scab on my forehead. For now I'm not going anywhere so I don't need to worry about trying to cover it, but school starts on the 18th and I'm wondering when this thing will go away. Right now it is Saturday so I have about 4 days.
  6. Ok so yesterday I lost to the temptations and squeezed a blackhead/ clogged pore on my forehead. The stuff came out, but today it turned into a raised dark red bump, and was slightly painful. I decided to take my chances and see if I could squeeze out some more (I had a similar experience with another pimple, it was red and wouldn't leave my face. Eventually I squeezed it again and there was still some pus left inside, turns out that's what kept it on my face. It scabbed for a bit but nothing ma
  7. LB002

    Still unsure

    Still unsure

    I started breaking out on my forehead around January 2016. It was mild, but my forehead became rough and bumpy. I went to the dermatologist, and he prescribed me minocycline, along with Differin and Soolantra. After the first month or two, I started noticing slight differences. I was also having a few groups of days where I didn't have as many dark red spots. I actually thought it was working for a short time. Now, it's been 3 months, and I still have pretty bad breakouts on my forehead. I'm j
  8. Yeah, I understand it's just teenage acne, and is mild. I am grateful it's not affecting other parts of my face. My next dermatologist appointment is in around 3 months, so if it hasn't improved in those months I'll ask about stronger treatment. I do have knowledge about isotretinoin and it's effects, and do not think my acne is that severe for the treatment, and I wonder if it would even be worth the side effects and initial breakout. Because it's only affecting my forehead, there could pos
  9. Ever since the winter time 2015-2016, my forehead has been forming these bumps and acne, and only my forehead. The rest of my face is clear and pretty, but my forehead looks pretty awful. It's not severe acne, but the small, colorless bumps on my face cause it to be rough. Sometimes, when I squeeze these bumps (I know which isn't good to do), there will be long squiggly worm-like pus (I know, gross) that comes out. So I am sure it's some form of acne. Right now, I'm suffering a breakout, which m