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Best retinoid for me
Out of all the topical retinoids offered to me through my 12 years with acne this has been the most effective. My acne is extremely resistant to treatment and I've been on Accutane twice but this kept it at manageable levels. If starting out with this, only use it a few nights a week. It's drying and irritating. Each time I've gone back to using it I've had an extreme initial breakout / purge which is so difficult to deal with but overall it's my favourite topical I go back to again and again.

By StripedAlbatross,

In terms of retinoids - just ok
I used this on and off for years - ended up on Accutane. Used this post Accutane and relapsed 8 months after Accutane. I have found more success with Isotrex gel. After my second course of Accutane I used that and it kept me clear for 1 year 2 months.

By StripedAlbatross,

Amazing, life changing drug for me. When I was on it and for the remission afterwards.
5 stars for when you're on it and the remission afterwards. My happiest times were actually spent on this drug seeing the changes in my skin sometimes on a rapid basis! The remission afterwards is incredible - no side effects of the drug and clear skin. Unfortunately I've taken it twice and it cleared me for 8 months, and 1 year 2 months respectively. Now I'm about 6 months into the second relapse and I'm devastated. Would award minus stars for what I'm going through now. I used Differin after t

By StripedAlbatross,

Can be harsh, does work.
Drying but it does seem to work. If you're starting out only use it every second night and up the usage as you go. I can only really use it when I'm to using any irritating topicals or it's too much. An effective exfoliant, skin felt smooth.

By StripedAlbatross,

I used this when I was on Accutane because of all the hype for this product. it didn't remove my makeup (concealer + mineral makeup) at all, even with a double cleanse. Expensive where I'm from as well.

By StripedAlbatross,