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  1. I am taking minomycin for the second time. I previously took it 2 years ago for 9 months, then i got it prescribed again. But i forgot to tell the doctor i had taken it before, so is it oright to take it again. ????? And is it bad for you and how?
  2. Do 90 percent of people realy get acne or is it a myth? cause i have read that heaps but then i look around at the people i know and half or if not more have never got it or had any trace of acne. Do you guys agree its false?
  3. I stopped using it in yr 8. My acne got bad again. Then when i was older i began to use it again. Needless to say it was diinishing rather rapidly and still looks good lol
  4. Um im not to sure other than the natural treatments. Go to a local beatician and they will have like radiotherapy slkin treatment. I have never seen whether it works or not. Last resort could be plastic surgery, costing thousands though
  5. Steve, 36 have had acne for two years. Came on unexpectedly. Im not the same person i use to be either
  6. Blackhead treatment is terrible. The real problem lies in not white heads, blackheads or greasy skin. It should be classified as acne themselves. Blackhead cleanser are totally fake and should not be used. Use a normal acne wash.
  7. Yeh go to a derm. They study the stuff. They know more than your family does lol.
  8. Bananas are the best thing for your acne and overall body you could possibly eat.
  9. Rubbing make up in with your finger makes it realy and pretty much unnoticeable.
  10. I was eating junk food nearly ever 2nd or 3rd day. But this week i just stayed to drinking about 3 lites of water a day. And eating healthy stuff for dinner such as a steak and with a salad. Bit having any snacks or soft drink. My skin has improved heaps already. This is it guys. Diet beats acne maybe lol
  11. I dunno. I have always though ice gets down an inflammation but i think its totally wrong. You may need some antibiotics to get rid of it fast. Thats all i can think of soz
  12. yeh if he did that to you. Hes a jackass and your better not being with him. My deepest apologies
  13. i dunno if its acne phobia. But it is definetely causing anxiety
  14. my sister has. It worked for the first month. And then she thinks she built up a resistance. So im not to keen to try it myself.