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  1. Thanks, I've been hearing good things about glycolic. Did you do them yourself or go to a spa or dermatologist? What's your regimen been before & since?
  2. Just wondering what would work best for enlarged/clogged pores & some minor icepick scarring on my nose & cheeks. Any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Btw, the vitamins I take are all well within safe limits. No megadosing going on.
  4. I should note that I haven't had any inflamed acne in years- my problem is congestion & comedonal "blocks". The problem is large pores which are constantly full of oil & gunk. Diacneal has been somewhat effective, but "normal" matte skin eludes me.
  5. Sure, I keep weird hours, but a typical day would be something along these lines. "Breakfast" is dinner, which usually consists of some type of lean meat, steamed vegetables & maybe some rice or pasta. Usually have 2 salads a day consisting of some combination of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, beets & maybe some type of fruit thrown in. No dressing, or just some lemon juice. The vast majority of what I drink is water & green tea. Occasionally orange or cranberry juice, and liquor
  6. This seriously needs to stop. Currently I'm taking D3, Omega 3, coQ10, C, zinc & beta carotene with E. I eat pretty healthy- lots of leafy greens like baby spinach & all I drink is water or green tea. Still have very congested pores. I'm also currently using Diacneal, which has been somewhat effective at reducing oiliness. Is there anything else I should be doing??? Anyone who got rid of their congested skin/blackheads?? Thanks in advance.
  7. It seemed to work for me initially to "unplug" my pores but then broke me out like crazy. Also, it's impossible to get off. You almost HAVE to use a cleanser after, which defeats the purpose. You're drying out your skin way too much.
  8. The problem I've always had with jojoba is the fact that I can never get it off my face! Any suggestions?
  9. Umm, is this something worth worrying about? http://www.aolnews.com/health/article/stud...cancer/19488158
  10. anybody ever use this one? http://trophyskin.com/index.php good reviews on amazon, though i cant seem to find anything anywhere else- http://www.amazon.com/BlueMD-Dermatologist...7210&sr=8-2
  11. Glycolic Acid? Seems like this would be gentler than any kind of manual exfoliation Thanks in advance, guys
  12. Try to drink 3 or 4 cups of it every day.. see what happens.