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  1. thanks clear for your clear demonstration! I have ordered the buf puf online but haven't got them yet, so i bought the knock-off brand to use for now since i feel i desperately need some exfoliation now to get rid of those flakes - i will be super careful clear =) I still get pimples mostly on my chin, but they are smaller and disppear much faster than before. grrrrrrrr I just hope I can eliminate them all but I guess it's just not possible. I wish I could be like Spike where she rarely gets pim
  2. hey clear...i have a question that may seem dumb...lol.. how do u use ur buf puf with ur soap? do u lather the soap up in ur palm first, wash ur face, then rinse it off with the sponge? or how else do u use it? i also have to add that i always wash my face by the sink, not in the shower, as i can't find a place in my shower that keeps the water splattering on the soap. I've been thinking about ways to use the buf puf but i can't seem to find a way to do it easily by the sink! lol
  3. hey clear..i used only a tiny bit like 3 drops of jojoba oil. i tried mixing it w/ canus and also w/ complex 15 (not altogether, in different occasions). I think i also tried applying just the oil w/out the co-15 once. I honestly didn't like the feeling of the oil cuz like u said it is very greasy. and i kinda felt like it was just sitting there on top no matter how long i tried rubbing it in. I did it when my skin was damp too. I will get my Zum soon (hopefully) and I will report back if i see
  4. LOL, thanks tyguy! I did find both face and body Complex-15 in stores here in Calgary but I never bothered check them out as I was under the impression that the American version is better than the Canadian ones. Turns out they are exactly the same? oh man, for the longest time I was looking for them on the website but they were right under my nose! From now on I won't need to order them online anymore, I can just buy them right in the stores! Yay! Now if only we had Wholefoods here in Calgary fo
  5. I ordered my Zum from ihealthywoman.com. They carry all Zum soaps (I think) that's out there. I ordered quite a few (cuz I want to experiment and see which ones work for me) and the shipping charge is $19.25 to send to Calgary where I live. I know it's quite expensive but I asked Indigo Wild as well and they said no one is carrying their products in Canada. There are also some suppliers from ebay who will ship to Canada but the scents they carry are quite limited.
  6. Daz, I got my Complex 15 at http://www.americarx.com who ships internationally so you might wanna try ordering through them. In fact I think I will order my Buf Puf sponge thru them as well~
  7. Hi Clear are you using the Buf-puf by 3M brand? Since I live in Canada I have to order the sponge online. I found two different pictures of Buf Puf: http://www.amazon.com/Buf-Puf-Reusable-Fac...e/dp/B000052YJD and http://www.epinions.com/pr-Sensitive_Skin-...isplay_~reviews Are they actually the same one? Btw I have ordered my Zum Bar to see if it will help with my flakiness/dryness. I can find Canus soaps very easily in lots stores in Canada but it really took me a while to finally find one
  8. Yeah I actually feel the same way as Rikke. I bought both jojoba oil and grapeseed oil. I added one of them with Complex 15 at the very first few days cuz I really couldn't stand the dryness in the beginning. I kinda felt greasy as well with either jojoba oil or grapeseed oil. So I gave up and then just kept using the Complex 15. Come to think of it, the dryness did improve a tiny bit as I progress with the regimne. It's still dry but at least I can stand it now. I guess my skin is just trying t
  9. I follow the steps outlined in your thread. I apply lotion when skin is still damp and I work up the lather in my hands before washing my face. The thing is like many other people, my skin gets oily during the day but underlying the problem is actually dryness. It's been bugging me my whole life. It causes large pores on my face. That's why I was hesitant about washing my face just once a day, cuz I dont' know if that's gonna be enough to clean the oil. I guess I will go get one of those extra
  10. I've been on GMR for about 2 weeks now. I use Canus fragrance-free followed by Complex 15 lotion twice daily. I also follow Spikeyli's advise not to wear SPF unless I am out in the sun for a long period of time (more than 15 mins or so). I am happy to report that I can see my face gradually improving everday. I still get maybe one pimple in every 2 days but they are less aggressive and they disappear within a day or two without leaving too many red marks. Thank you girls so much for sharing your
  11. thanks Spikeyli and LostInTranslation for your replies. I guess I really have been brainwashed by those beauty magazines claiming that without proper sun protection we will get premature aging and spots and blah blah blah... I don't wear any make up (except for eyes sometimes) so I definitely won't get any sunscreen from foundation powder etc...but I think I will try not putting any SPF (unless I am gonig to spend a long time outdoor) and see if I can feel any difference. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks Spikeyli so much for sharing all these helpful tips. I am dying to try out the Goat's Milk + Complex 15 regimne. However I have a question and hope you can help me out. Do you use sunscreen at all? I want to have at least some protection against the sun during the day. I don't think Complex 15 has an SPF version though. However I don't want to just use any SPF lotion as I find many clogg pores and greasy (including Cetaphil SPF15) and might just not work well with the regimne. Any suggest