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  1. I would bet you anything that your lipgloss is contributing to it. Whenever I wear lipgloss I always always ALWAYS break out. Which sucks, because I'm a girl who loves her makeup.
  2. There is a great Neutrogena exfoliating scrub that is designed specifically for getting rid of red marks. I can't remember what it's called, but you could probably find it at your local drugstore.
  3. Yeah I think Proactive is kind of a ripoff. I've tried it and it did nothing. Oh well, at least it didn't get worse.
  4. Hey I noticed that you use desert essence moisturizer. You should try the desert essence mud mask, it cleans out my pores like no other.
  5. Acne is awful, but there are people in the world with much bigger problems who keep getting up in the morning and carrying on. Seriously, look at the bigger picture. A few pimples are not so catastrophic in the big scheme of things.
  6. Yes, I've heard that getting whitening toothpaste of your face can make you break out. So can those gel pastes.
  7. Try using an exfoliating cleanser while in the shower. That should help to clear out your pores a bit.
  8. I'm going to the doctor on Monday to request Spironolactone. I've heard really good things about on this site and others. Maybe ask your derm about that? I hope you manage to find something that helps! <3
  9. That's an interesting brew of products. I curious to see how this would work. Let us know if you see any good results with it!
  10. Wow... that doesn't seem healthy. But do what you have to do, I guess. Personally, I would just go with most of the previous comments and use an antibacterial cleanser. Pee on your face... that's pretty damn nasty.
  11. I take 50 mg a day and it seems to work well for me. You have to be careful not to take too much, because zinc is fat soluable. That means it can build up to dangerous levels within your body.