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  1. i will never put vinegar on my back
  2. I put vaselin to my mouth Best Regards Jouse
  3. what type of soap i must use?
  4. I am 17 years old and my weigth is 58kg how i must to take it?
  5. I want to take accutane, i'm 17 years old and my Weight is about 58 kg How i must to take it? best regards jouse
  6. But i don have acne-prone, i have a weigh acne on my body and face. I take 20mg day, and i my weight is 56kg. It's OKEy??? Thanks JOuse
  7. I had been taking accutane, first two month 20 mg day by means, now the third month i am taking 20mg day. And i notice that I don't have acne on my back but I continue having in my face. I want to know. If first the accutane cures on the back or the face? Thanks At all Jouseee
  8. I want to take accutane, is the same if i take 10mg everydays or if i take one day, a leave a day, and than i take it away Thanks Jouse