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  1. dermaflage works by reflecting the skin surface up to the top of the silicone, thereby making it look like skin. If u put any makeup onto the top of dermaflage - effect ruined. But neither will it work (in my opinion) by putting makeup on the skin then putting dermaflage over the top.. u have to put primer on and that will wash away any makeup. If u got the product, this would become a lot more obvious. good luck.
  2. here is my site on it http://www.dermaflage-my-guide.me.uk/ I think makeup does not work with dermaflage. I am male and had a play around with some concealer and I just don't think it is going to work with makeup. But surely no makeup on cheeks and filled in scars is ok?
  3. jacno - u need the starter pack. u might want to go to the website and ask the support there on color. try all 3 colors in your starter to pack to work out which one is best color. it is impossible to guess them by looking at the syringes. it looks different on.
  4. el-loco - I'd advise on just doing the few scars that are the worst and learning to live with the smaller ones that don't matter. There is no way u are going to be able to apply BP, then apply dermaflage. dermaflage needs clean, washed, dry skin for application and once applied will last for days. as for cost, it has gone up in price. Still cheaper than medical procedures. And at least you'll fill.
  5. frax 1 - if you don't mind me asking, if you are happy with the subcision results, how come u are looking into more treatments? i.e. fibroplast injections? As for having laviv and subcision the same day, your question surprises me a little. You will know having had subcision that your cheeks swell up with blood like a hamster on the day. If you were to have a filler on the same day after the subcision, on injection, the pressure would be such that the filler would just squirt out of the injec
  6. as I said 4 years ago on this thread, scarless healing is of course the treatment for acne scars that will be the best and definitive solution. The problem is, how long will it be before you can walk into a plastic surgeon's office and get this treatment for acne scars? i.e scarred tissue removed and new uninjured skin replaces it, without scars? Not for a long, long time. But I'll check back in another 4 years to see how the thread is going
  7. frax1 - I do not know the concentration of the laviv so do not know wether it is cheaper now or not. It is certainly my belief that cycling subcision with fibroplast injections will most certainly lead to improvement in scarring. I would envisage a fair few subcisions though and a goodly amount of lavive injections. The reason why isolagen went bust, is that even though to the consumer it seemed very expensive, the company was actually running at a loss as the technology from their point of v
  8. justmeuk - I think the key difference as to why I get good results with dermaflage and so many others don't is because I don't apply it word for word as per the creators instructions. One big difference is that I do not use the nozzle, that is in my opinion a big waste of silicone. Applying small amount with my finger tips up close to a makeup mirror is the only way I could get it accurate. Even if your first application is a disaster I would have thought the average acne scar user will strai
  9. on the contrary, I do think that isolagen is something worth a shot if u are rich. I personally think that subcisions followed by isolagen and keep repeating cycle will eventually give good results.But when i say u need cash I mean it. Not just pay out $5k once and think that will be enough. If u can splash out $10k a year on isolagen I think after a year or two you will have some decent improvements. Basically subcision, then isolagen, wait 6 months, subcision, followed by isolagen again.
  10. Sounds like a fugging sales pitch, slating proven procedures and bigging up their own. I am not a sales person or involved in any marketing for Dermaflage, however I don't care if you think I am. Makes no odds to me. Nope.avi - please do go and try your "proven procedures" Tricia - about the shininess. Take a look at the skin on your hand closely. You notice that it is made up of like small triangles. Now look at the texture on the pad. You will notice it is the same. If you can get that textu
  11. yes u can wash your face with no worry, it does not cause any peeling. I would say yes it does clog your pores. The skin can't breath under the silicone. I get the occasional spot. However if you are someone who would be happy using slicone sheets then there would be no difference using dermaflage.
  12. Well, I do use it for just the worse scars, the others I just leave. I realised that as long as I got a very nice correction of the worst scars, then I'm happy to leave the smaller ones. Nobody would ever notice them anyway. I couldn't correct every scar on my face, it would take far too long. As for how long dermaflage lasts. I did an application Saturday morning 10am and it is still looking good Monday 5.30pm (now). So u can get a fair bit more out of it than a day (assuming good application).
  13. As an old time member (2004) just been back to have a look at the scar messageboard. Same old procedures, same 'ol, same 'ol. My success has come from using Dermaflage. Last time I posted about Dermaflage (daphne back then), it wasn't met with much interest, which surprised me. I'm just going to now take a moment to explain why I believe the Dermaflage solution is way preferable to medical procedures (of which I have had many). A scar replaces permanently damaged normal skin. Hence the exp
  14. Happy birthday, Rupert. :)

  15. There is now a user satisfaction survey that you can take to give your feedback on the product. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DaphneFiller