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  1. Good Luck with Accutane!

  2. i had a blood test today!!! 11 days til the big day...blood checks being good
  3. i had a blood test today!!! 11 days til the big day...blood checks being good
  4. March 13th...the day i start roaccutane, woohoo! went to my derm last week at the cost of £120 for a consultation and a further £680 worth of treatment ;( she said i have acne vulgaris and seborrhoeic dermatitus all over my face.sounds like a giggle doesnt it. NO! it pigging hurts! anyway i will be keeping a log for you guys to follow with regular pictures. WISH ME LUCK
  5. thanks for all your views guys, i will bear it all in mind.got my first derm appointment next tuesday! ***BIG HUGS***
  6. hey wrestle, DO NOT LET IT GET U DOWN PAL!!!!!if u dont then i wont i promise!i only stumbled across this site last friday when i decided to take the day off work because i was so worried about my facial skin(work is in an audi dealership-facing customers) its 9.50pm here now and i have to go back to work tomorrow as 'food poisening' only supposed to last 48 hrs! ive been down for the last few days worse than any other before! try and stay focused on your long term goal and remember when we all
  7. i work with the british general public too...so yeah i do meet a LOT of ignorant people.but then again i suppose you get them everywhere !
  8. i have been on erythromycin for approx 10 months now, they worked very well for me...unitl last week, when i flared up for no reason at all. initially they did work well though
  9. ive just ordered a medibeam (google it) looks quite good and had some good feedback den has got one and it seems to be working really well for him according to his post
  10. can anyone confirm how much alchohol if any can be drunk whilst on accutane? ive heard stories that its ok and also people saying its dangerous??! who is right??
  11. right, started in 2003 when i noticed spots under the skin on my face, didnt bother me, thought it would pass, used quinederm (BP) for approx 9 months which seemed to clear things up.2004 started to get red marks, white heads, more lumps under the skin, went to doc and he put me onto oxytetracycline this helped keep it under control for a time, approx 6 months later went back to docs with skin worse than ever, same as before plus blackheads, quite painful somtimes mainly on my cheeks - doc said
  12. i think im going insane, i'm actually quite scared, thought i had my skin under control for the last year, and im close to jacking it all in
  13. keep up the log mate, repetative maybe, but really interesting and informative to anyone about to start accutane...like me! keep it up buddy