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  1. I also checked around to stores because i hated to pay the shipping but lurebeauty actually has free shipping until sept 1st so im stocking up! i tried your link but that one didnt work, it looks like they have a new website http://lurebeauty.com/skin-care/emu-oil/emu-oil.html has anyone had luck with emu oil for sunburn?
  2. I understand your stress - did you try changing pillow cases more often? trying to talk with the phone away from your chin, cleaning the phone daily? I used to have this problem but i hate talking on the phone and the acne disappeared when i stopped using the phone so much! I have found the perfect skin care regimine for me, and consists of a good aha cleanser, 3% daily salicylic typed toner, glycolic serum (this is a neccesity for me to keep pores cleared). my skin RARELY breaks out now,
  3. Hi Carlitocool Were you asking me which emu oil i use? I use the molecularly distilled emu oil from LureBeauty
  4. Actually you have to use only one pump, even less than that on your entire face. Your skin sucks the emu oil in through all layers of your skin (unlike any other moisturizer from what ive read), and then the oiliness goes away, you only need a tiny amount. I used to break out like crazy and this product has helped my skin calm down like nothing else, I first use the lacsal serum to exfoliate, then the super cp serum mixed with emu oil and my skin is beautiful again!!
  5. Ok here is an update - my face is back to normal now, redness gone away, acne is gone (but ive also been using the LacSal serum and it has cleared up my pimples and made my skin smoother). Thanks for the recommendation!! I got lurebeautys free shipping email so im off to stock up!!
  6. Hi tech99! What is the redness problem you are having, what is causing it? I noticed it took a little bit to work but now my skin is all even toned. Did you also order the CP serum with it? That helps with regenerating and repairing damaged skin cells, it helps give you an all over skin remodeling. i love using the cp serum with the emu oil. i use the super version of the cp serum because that one has salicylic acid in it, my acne is completely gone after a new routine ive been using.
  7. emu oil is the only thing that didnt make me break out, and actually calmed my skin
  8. I have to second the person who mentioned https://lurebeauty.authsecure.com/pure-full...lled-p-695.html for emu oil. My skin has NEVER been so soft and acne-free. They ship SUPER FAST, and they send a bunch of free stuff with every order.
  9. Can anyone make a recommendation on which essential oil they like best for the emu oil, if any of you have tried the emu oil with an essential oil?
  10. I have been using a dab of the emu oil overtop of my acne treatment and the pimple disappears overnight, this never used to happen before i started using their emu oil. It rocks!
  11. I just use the lacsal serum along with the super cp serum and emu oil; i stopped breaking out completely after using it consistently
  12. I do ... I use lurebeautys LacSal serum (they have the Dr pickart skin biology products) .. My skin has never looked so good. The acne active cleansing gel is great also.
  13. You may have to give it some time ; once i started using it consistently, I was never dry or red anymore. You can put it on and let a layer of it sit on your face; it will usually "suck" into your skin layers within some time but you could apply extra if you are staying home for the night or overnight. I use it with the Super CP Serum which helps to regenerate your skin cells and give you a healthy glow.
  14. Haha I know! I love that emu oil. I have their sweetened honey soap with emu oil and it is the greatest soap i have ever used. They make it fresh.