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  1. I'm from the West Thornlie, to be exact. Anyone heard of it? Michelle
  2. Yes, I read a thread about some people's difficulties with Jojoba oil, but I feel as though I should try it. Everybody has different reactions to different products and while I have sensitive skin it seems to deal with new products fairly well. Jojoba oil, from what I have read, seems to have a pretty good reputation and while some have problems with the product, many do not and reccommend it highly. I have heard it has healing and moisuturising properties and also helps fade red marks faste
  3. Hey! I'm looking at getting Jojoba Oil to help with healing and red marks, but I am unsure of what I'm looking for? Are there different types? Do I need to get one that is specifically for my face? Also, what brands are best? I wouldn't mind a list of some good ones (if there is such thing) because they mightn't have all of them here in Aussie. Thanks! Michelle
  4. I'm going out tonight but my skin is a mess! Yesterday it was pretty clear (except for a few red marks), but today it is red, splotchy and peeling! ARGH! How do I fix this? Is there any way to make the redness go down? Is there something I can do for the peeling except exfoliating and a tone of moisturizer? Please help! Thanks, Michelle EDIT: Ok, so I just tried using toilet papers to apply moisturizer and remove flakes at the same time. Seemed to work Ok - less red than it would be when us
  5. Um, hi?

    Yes, they do.

  6. I've thought of trying something other than BP because I too have noticed the whitehead often comes right back and you end up popping like two more times! NOt to mention it dries the shit of out if but doesn't help heal it any faster and it gets SO dry that it's impossible to cover the next day it's horrific.
  7. Jewish people deserve respect as well ya know

  8. Just read your log and love your character J.C! Here's a hug from a stranger. *Hugs* Hope your feeling more DELICIOUS now, Michelle
  9. Thats okay! You are still a human being who contributes to this world Who said they werent?
  10. Hi! I popped a black head not too long ago and all seems fine except that the area is a little red and inflammed. It usually goes away in a day, but I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to speed up the process? I have heard that ice helps with inflamming. Is this true? Will it also help with the redness, or will it just irritate the area? If there has been a thread on this already feel free to just guide me there. I suck at using search engines. Thanks, Michelle.
  11. Well, don't I feel like the baby of the group. I'm 14.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have tried several Clearasil cleansers, and they all dried out my skin. I can't remember which ones I have tried though, I only know the colours of the bottles! Are there any you'd reccommend for sensitive skin? My face is looking good at the moment. Surprising since I just had three 6-8 hour shifts at McDonalds (the atmosphere in that place is a breeding ground for zits!) I think the Akamin is finally starting to work because over the last three days, everyt