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  1. Hi H20, I am really interested in your low GL diet as opposed to low GI, and have a few questions. If your are still visiting acne.org I would love to hear from you. Kate :)

  2. Insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body. In most cases if you control your insulin you will go a very long way to controlling your acne.
  3. Caloric restiction coupled with the right foods would definately be a godsend. Requiring 3000+ calories though is a differant story so one has to make do the best they can.
  4. Allergies play a part for those who have allergies, but i think the majority of people stop eating such large amounts of high gi carbs then automatically jump on the gluten free bandwagon.
  5. Most people must have crappy diets then. The two main ways to get Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone) are from the sun and dairy. If you don't get enough of either of those then you should supplement. Almost everyone I know that has received a blood check of their Vitamin D level has been below where they want to be (even if they are supplementing). For me, Vitamin D and Magensium are staples in my supplement regimen. I do not take Calcium. Most peoples diets are atrocious
  6. Go for about 300g carbs 250g protein and 100g fat and split it into 6-8 meals Carbs: You can get your carbs from beans, fruits, steelcut oats, sweet potato, pearled barley (gi of about 22 and can substitute rice. Thats very easy soruces of carbs and can be used in a variety of ways with alittle imagination. Fats you can get from avocado, macadamia nut oil ( My favourite because you can have alot of the stuff and it doesnt throw out your omega 3/6 balance), and small amounts of animal fat ie le
  7. I would bet that if everyone replaced wheat with rice and consumed the same amount of carbohydrates with the rice meal as they do with the wheat meal, people acne would still be the same. For most of you it isn't the gluten, its the large amount of high gi carbs consumed in a short period of time, its pretty similar to taking a insulin spiking maltodextrin supplement.
  8. I highly doubt its really food allergies but more likely elevated blood sugar levels. If you consumed a carbohydrate with the same glycemic value and carbohydrate content as wheat, and replaced it everywhere you ate wheat i wouldn't be surprised to see you acne stay exactly the same.
  9. None of those supplements are even slightly neccesary if you have a decent diet.
  10. I generally keep my diet healthy for the majority of the time, however i am able to eat junk, every few days if i choose to, without any changes to my face. You'll probably find drumsticks really aren't too much cheaper when you consider that a big proportion of the contents is fat and bone. Chicken breast is roughly $8 per kilogram over here, whilst drumsticks are roughly $4 per kilogram, but when you take away half the weight by removing the skin, bone and fat content you would be left with l
  11. I buy Natures Own bitter melon, you take 2 capsules with carbohydrate meals. For me the elevated blood sugar levels are the fundamental trigger for my acne. I originally started with a very small amount of taurine with each carb meal ( I had also eliminated high glycemic index foods) and noticed my moderate acne decrease to what i would consider mild ( The taurine however had no effect on blackheads). I then came across bitter melon to strengthen my bodies ability to keep blood sugar levels unde
  12. You must remember that even if we did copy their diets although similar from a looks perspective, the actual breakdown of the foods would be very differant. These cultures eat fruit/vegetables which hasn't been specifically grown for size or flavour. We could mimic the way they eat, but we would have to be conscious to get appropriate foods, as well as the most important attribute being regular cardio/weight lifting exercise.
  13. Exactly, low fat diet are extremely positive in that regard, but you must also adhere to a low glycemic load most of the time otherwise you will find the high gi carbs produce the same effects as high amounts of fat.
  14. Insulin resistance is actually exasperated by a high fat diet. The reason many people get clear from the high fat diet isn't because they have their insulin resistance under control, it is because they are avoiding carbohydrates. Typically you can find examples of many native diets world wide which have very high carbohydrate proportions in their diet, yet acne and insulin resistance is relatively unheard of. In regards to insulin resistance it is a problem, but not from the perspective that w
  15. Don't avoid exercise, that would be completely absurd.