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  1. wow, okay i haven't updated this thing in months! not a whole lot to say except my skin is AMAZING. <3333 i went in last month to a derm across town because my regular one is on maternity leave. she kept me at the same dosage. then today i went in again to see her and i'm still at 40mg/day and she seems to think i'm done with my course after this month... buuuut... i am not so sure. i started in march. she kept saying something about 6 months or 7 months that i've been on it, which makes m
  2. DAY 90 okay i went in and had my blood test yesterday and my follow-up appt this morning. i tell ya, sitting in that waiting room was torture. i felt like i actually had to pass a test, like i'd spent the past month studying and it all came down to how much iron was in my blood. turns out my RBCs are up... i'm staying on the iron though. my WBCs though are still low. when i started out my count was around a 3.7. now it is at a 3. baseline is around a 4.8. i really don't know what this all mean
  3. DAY 78 just got back from the fair with my friends. my other "friend" is smaller now.. which is good. but the skin around it totally dried up and it formed a little scab type thing and i thought i'd try to peel it off before i left, which was a total mistake. because while it didn't bleed, there was a ring of dead skin vs new skin and it just didn't look good at all. so i spent the night mortified. ugh. it's always so hard to forget when you have a blemish on your face.. it's SO funny how it t
  4. DAY 76 (just took today's dose) will this blasted thing on my cheek pleaseeeeee go away? i have plans tomorrow with friends and it's still embarrassing! granted it's gone down but geez. side effects: same as above. iron: i only took 2 of my 3 tablets today. maybe i can sneak one in tonight before bed.... (*^@)#984^)(*^$
  5. hey justie, OHMIGOD. YES. i would do it again in a heartbeat. the side-effects, at least for me, have been minimal -- maybe some chapped lips (okay a lot of chapped lips, hehe), and some muscle aches, but compared to the YEARS of feeling like i wanted to hide or the countless times i'd leave the dermatologist's office wanting to cry because he'd want to put me back on another antibiotic that was doomed to fail, or the dreaded topicals. i must have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on thos
  6. heey gin!! glad to see things are going well for you! man, are you not LOVING this weather?? it's so awesome... and bullwinkles.. nice! i've never been but that's one place i'd like to try sometime. man, i've had a stupid visitor on my cheek for the past 5 days after months of clear skin and i'm so irritated at it! i actually talk to it and tell it to GO AWAY! lame, huh? oh well, we're all entitled to our psychoticness. hehe. take it easy and keep up the great work!!
  7. AHGUGHGHHHH!! DAY 73 wouldn't you know... i mention how clear my skin is on here and then the next day i get a big ol' visiter on the right side of my face. i wrote about it a few days ago and i lived with it sticking around for the entire weekend... and memorial day... and today! and it's still big and if i touch it, it feels like there's liquid in there, what????? i wish it'd go away. it looks like a cyst or something but i've never been good at figuring out what is what. and to me it's HUGE
  8. trying this again because now i see there's an upload thing. takes me awhile. hope it worked that time. (:
  9. okay i reeeeally want this thing that's set up shop on my right cheek to go away. it's just so red! bleeeh. hopefully it's just here for a short while. i've noticed while on tane they come and go within 1-3 days. pleeease let this be the case!! i meant to post some pictures too... this was about 2 weeks ago and basically how i've been almost since i started on tane. http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m242/je...79/IMG_0807.jpg http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m242/je...79/IMG_0755.jpg extreee
  10. hello maverick. thanks for stopping by! hopefully it'll work for both of us... best of luck with the cholesterol!! DAY 70 i just finished another blister pack of 40mg. gonna start a new one tonight at dinner... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, let's see, where to begin.. my complexion, ehh. mostly it's great! but last saturday i randomly had a big old thing pop up on my chin, and it turned kind of big. it only stuck around for maybe 3 days tops... and i was so relieved to see it go, until another one starte
  11. hi gin! the make-up i'm currently using is clinique. but i'm seriously considering ordering some of the bare minerals makeup... just to try it out. i've heard good things about it! and omg the weather has been perfecto... with the exception of yesterday and possibly today. gray skies, what's that?? day 66 complexion = near perfect! actually right after i posted last time, i should have knocked on wood because i had one pop up on my chin, or rather right below my chin. it's hardly noticable bu
  12. well, i'm housesitting right now... i just had my dr appointment last monday. my blood test results came back and i'm anemic and she's concerned because both my RBCs and WTBs were low. i have a tendency to get iron deficiency anemia... so it doesn't surprise me. but she said that if i can't get it back up, i might need to go off tane. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i love it. i've had clear skin for almost 3 months now! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK! sooo... iron pill 3x a day as instructed by my derm. plus i'm t
  13. soootret! hey! okay it's been like 3 years since i've checked this site, but i'm so glad to read you're 100% clear! how awesome is that? i am too... it's so nice! i hope i get to stay on tane, though. my dr gave me a scare a couple days ago for my check-up because i'm bigtime anemic... so i'm still stuck at 40mg and if it doesn't get better i have to go off. WHAT THE CRAP? so now i'm totally changing around my diet and taking pills 3x a day and trying to fix it because i'm sure it's just because
  14. hopefully you're about to clear up! seems like it can't last too much longer, right??? i hope not anyway! good to catch up with you. i've been really sucking about checking this lately. :/ keep us all posted!!!