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  1. Gain muscle, it's more attractive and healthier. Lift weights and eat protein.
  2. ^^^too much of any sugary foods can cause diabetes not just sodas
  3. Seriously I had McDonald's yesterday and not only did I feel like shit for the rest of the day, I woke up with like 3 new cysts. I have been good about my diet, this was the first time I've had fast food in over 2 months but man do I regret it. I'm just lettin you all know, never eat McDonald's (or any other fast food for that matter).
  4. here is a multivitamin without iodine or iron
  5. thats because it is. all you do is eat apples and spoonfuls of oils for 3 days
  6. klaron works better than bp for me and there is no side effects however, it is very expensive