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  1. Thank You!!! sorry to get back to you soo late... i did call a few pharm. and was told not to mix both can have major complications.... felt sumthing was off and yesss screw cramps! lol
  2. Hi!! I was just looking through your photo's.... I'm 22 years old i had always had some form of acne since i was 15... a few pimples here & there but NEVER took over my whole face...UNTIL this year. I have been on every topical & antibiotic under the sun, for even when i had my very mild acne (NOTHING WAS SUCCESSFULL) i was just consistant with facials and sum chemical peels...which helped P.S to make a long story short.... 2 months ago i noticed massive breakouts on my face 1-
  3. also.... Ive heard that spiro makes period cramps SUPER worse... any thruth to this?? I cant afford to have my period cramps any worse
  4. Hi Guys! I have been an acne victim for over 3 years now.... my Dr. finally prescribed me Spiro. I am on the fist week....and very excited ( after reading allllll of the positive feed back from you folks) I also have been on pain killers for my period cramps../... does anyone know if this can be a damaging mix?? Thank You in advance!! PS. I am on 50 mg ( is it bad if i up the dossage myself) seems to me like people are on 100mg
  5. My graduation is tomorrow and i have the largest pimple/cyst i've ever seen right smack inbetween the eyes lol its been here for over 2 days, looks as though it may be coming to a head soon BUT NOT YET .........how can i bring it to a head and kill the lil guy without making it worse thanks in advance
  6. i personally don't recommend the use of bronzers if you are acne prone..... after using it for years ive noticed that my skin was not responding well to it, all bronzers contain shimmers and mica.....and mica is known for simply clogging pores. i love how i look with bronzer BUT like my skin better without pimples solution- nuetrogena blush.......contains no mica, is noncomedogenic, oil free, fragrence free andddd defiantely gives me a beautiful flush color and cheap, i was spending $45 p
  7. Hey guys....i have read alot of great posts regarding the benefits of mineral makeup. I must admit i was hesitant at first and found it hard to switch from my old liquid makeup BUT i started breaking out . ..and def. know it was caused by the MICA that was in bare minerals i know that majority of mineral makeup does contain mica ANYONE KNOW OF ANY MINERAL MAKEUP THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN MICA......and hasnt broken them out???? thanks soooo much in advance steph
  8. no just there basic line....im not a mineral fan lol
  9. it makes no sense to me simply because it is oil free, non-comedo etc..... i would use their face powder and blush, by the end of the day i would feel a lil greasy and brand new pimples!!!! did anyone else have this happen to them??
  10. i am on my first run with minocyclin it has been almost a month , i have yet to see any positive results. After reviewing sooo many posts on minocyclin users im def going to get offf of it. It just doesnt make sense to me, it is not correcting the acne it is jus supressing it. A person cannot stay on this for life and to be honest i dont want to be putt my body through this for a long period of time.
  11. good question... i am currently using CP in the a.m and my DR. constantly promotes moisturizers so i fig it was a safe bet any one know the facts???
  12. are there any non comedogenic highlighters out there???