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  1. Thanx for all the replies Going to a derm seems hopeless, they only want to prescribe accutane, which I was on when I was 17 and it didnt really help and it also gave me mental issues like social anxiety so I dont want to go through that again The thing is though, the day after I wrote this post I started taking two supplements I hadn't tried before. Niacin(Niacinamide) and some sort of herbal liver support. Since then my acne has been reduced by like 95% and my oily skin has also sub
  2. Hi there everybody I'm a 32 year old male, started getting severe acne at 13 and I'm still struggling like hell with acne and super oily skin. For many years now I've dedicated much of my time and energy to try and cure me of this acne hell, but to no avail. Tried Accutane, the regimen, all kinds of diets and holistic supplements and facewash/lotions etc. Eating sugar, carbs and alcohol ALWAYS ends up with cystic acne but it seems I can actually eat stuff like cream and butter wit
  3. According to my mom's friend, there is a new revolutionary way of treating acne down in Spain. It suppose to have like 100% success rate and they guarantee you will be free from acne. Right now it it's only available in in Spain, Miami and Rome, I think. Anyway, here's a link, only in spanish though. Maybe if someone here speaks spanish, can translate into english it would be nice! http://www.gelidemora.com/ Take care
  4. the n-light doesn't have a very high success rate. i also got it and it did nothing for me. my doctor told me about some new laser treatment called photodynamic laser and that is supposed to have a higher success rate but i dont know if i wanna try it because the n-light failed. Okey, maybe it's very different from place to place because they claim they have hepled virtually every person with acne who have done their N-Lite treatment. Maybe they're full of crap. Maybe they're dont. It's
  5. I live in Sweden and the N-Lite method isnt very known here but there is one place that performs N-Lite here so I got myself an appointment for a N-Lite treatment tomorrow. I know there is a lot of mixed reactions and responds to the treatments but I have tried it all, antibiotics, roacctane and so on, so I feel I got nothing to lose. Is there anyone here who actually cleared their acne with N-Lite?