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  1. Haha it never helped out with me either! I'm on to bigger and better things
  2. A little over a week in! I am getting less pimples and have scaring left. People say with doxy (now I'm on 150mg) that it takes 2 weeks to start seeing results.
  3. I went to the dermo today. Here is my updated skin care routine: Morning- Wash with Water After Running/Afternoon- Wash sometimes with water/or clindamicin (is that how you spell it) Night- Sulfur Wash in the shower, lotion after (CeraVe), and then Epiduo, I also take one 200mg pill of Doryyx (which is doxycycline) My face stings a lot, so I think I am going to have to go slow with the epiduo and use a lot of moisturizer. The pills are GIANT and I have a tough time with pills anyway. But I
  4. My face is STILL GETTING WORSE. Lol I always think its at its worse but then I wake up the next morning and realize how much worse it can get. I am pretty pumped because I have the dermo tomorrow. She probably is going to switch me off of Tazorac. Which is kind of disappointing because I am in week 4- almost to the finish line (supposedly week 6). I also don't know if i said this, but I stopped doing toner in the afternoon and replaced it with water. I let you guys know how it goes.
  5. Here are pictures- IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!! UGH I don't know what to do. I am 3 weeks into Tazorac so is this the worst of it? Ever since I started trying to make my skin better it only has been getting worse. Something I did notice that idk if I wrote about yet- The side of my face that I sleep on is the side with more acne. I have always slept on this side- why is is only starting to cause problems right now? Also- at what time do I re-evaluate what I am doing? At what point can I give up or
  6. 3 weeks! I am happy I have stuck with my routine, but my skin is even worse! I feel like i keep saying that lol, but its true. Each day I feel like it gets worse. I do not go anywhere without foundation on. I come home from another vacation tomorrow so I'll have pics of what my face looks like now.
  7. Here is my face... It got worse! I took pictures with flash, and no flash.
  8. I have spent a lot of time in the ocean this past week. I have been assuming that the salt water is why my face has stung so much, but I came across some articles and stuff which make me think otherwise. I learned that Tazorac has an initial breakout period. I think that is why my skin has gotten so bad and so painful. Judging from reviews, it should get better around weeks 5 or 6... and then it takes a few months to get full better. If you use Tazorac, I have a question for you: If you stop us
  9. 2 weeks in! I feel likely skin is getting worse. It is extremely red. But something I realized now is that where it is red, my skin is smooth. I think it is scaring. How do I get rid of this? It is extremely annoying. I do not have my same lighting because I am on vacation, but I am going to post pictures on monday morning once I am back in my same bathroom.
  10. I went in the ocean today and my face STUNG SO BAD. It hurts when I put moisturizer on it. Today I did my normal beach routine (Water in the morning, Cleanser in the shower (with lotion after) but I didn't do Tazorac at night because my skin was so dry. Any suggestions?
  11. Today I followed the same routine, no ocean, no tazorac- Tomorrow I am going back to Tazorac and back in the ocean. Gave my skin a well deserved break, but I gotta get back to my regimen
  12. Today was no ocean- Tomorrow I am going back in the water, but i am using tazorac, Gave my skin a well deserved break, but I gotta get back to my regimen
  13. I didn't go in the ocean today. So hopefully, maybe my skin would feel less irritated. I skipped Tazorac tonight (is that bad??) in hopes that without it, my skin would be less red. Is it bad to break the routine?
  14. Followed! My skin looks a little worse than you, but we seem to have the same type of acne. I started Tazorac a week ago and all though I have not seen any results yet, I hear that it takes about 6 weeks to notice an impact.
  15. Question- Has Tazorac helped you with redness? I began using it a week ago and haven't seen any results.
  16. User548361

    Day 9 - July 31

    I am on vacation and my skin has gotten SO BAD. I don't know what to do. I think it might be because of the saltwater. But I am sticking with the routine and hoping it gets better!
  17. User548361

    Day 7 - July 29, 2016

    Its been a week! S/o to me for keeping with my routine. Lol I was hoping to see major results by now but nah. Attached are the pictures of what my skin currently looks like. I don't think it looks any better. Maybe if you study it really closely it looks good, but idk. I am doing my weekly face mask as we speak. I will be on vacation the next 2 weeks at the beach so I can assume that the water, sweat, and sun won't do me much he;p. I am going to try my best to stick with the routine and keep you
  18. User548361

    Day 6 - July 28, 2016

    I didn't say anything yesterday because i† was same old, same old. I do feel like my skin is getting worse though. Will it get worse before it gets better? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  19. User548361

    Day 4 - July 26, 2016

    Nothing crazy today- same ole routine. But my skin is starting to sting when I put products on it- I still think I am doing a little too much, a little too fast.
  20. User548361

    Day 3 - July 24,2016

    Today I followed my regimen as planned, but I did catch myself picking at my face more than usual. I really gotta stop this because I feel like it is a main source causing the downfall of my skin. Whenever I apply products or wash my face, parts of it feel like they are stinging. I think this is because I am being too harsh on my skin starting out. To adjust this, I am going to wash my face with water instead of toner in the afternoon if my face is not especially oily or gross. This could cut ba
  21. User548361

    Day 2- July 23, 2016

    Today I went shopping and bought more stuff to help my skin. I got a lot more face lotion, and charcoal masks, and peeling cucumber masks. I figured I could do a mask once per week (which I started today). I also got one of those extraction things they have at the dermo. So today I did the same routine as yesterday, but I replaced the cleanser with a mask. I also got new neutrogena foundation that has salicylic acid to help with acne. I wear foundation to cover my acne up anyway, so I may as wel
  22. Ight- first day complete. Nothing fancy or magical happened (obvi) but I did a lot of research on the products the dermo has given me over the years and I put together my own little routine that should help with all my problems. I also watched a lot of videos on this site and learned about how irritation causes acne- I am going to touch my skin less and let it air dry whenever possible. Revised Skin Schedule with Notes Morning- same old same old, wash with water and let air dry Afternoon- (swit
  23. User548361


    Ok- I am going to try and write in this blog every night to update my progress. PLEASE comment and respond in some way because I do not want to be alone in this- I want to make friends to keep me motivated! Problem areas- my temples and cheekbones are really bad, I also have A TON of white bumps on my chin that have been there FOREVER I am going to start my routine on Friday, July 22. Morning- I wake up and wash and dry my face with water. When getting ready for the day, I apply minimal f