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  1. its been 1 week since i started using this, and after a small initial breakout i am becoming clearer everyday.
  2. hey i'm doing the samething as you. Finacea in the morning and differin at night. How is it working for you?
  3. if u search the forum, i've made many replies about my experience with it. but i'll just tell u anyway... =) I started using it in february and it cleared me up pretty good. Then 2-3 months later it kinda lost its effectiveness and my face started to revert back to its old ways.. Now i'm using finacea in the morning and ziana at night (not sure if the ziana is even doing anything anymore). But i'm starting to get better now with finacea. If i start to get worse again, i'll prolly drop the zian
  4. "although the ziana may be more effective in the long run because it has the added benefit of an antibiotic" actually i think i became immune to the antibiotic. I started using ziana in february and i was just about clear in 1-2 months. Since then i've slowly gotten worse and now i'm back to where i was before ziana. Now i'm using finacea in the morning and ziana at night.
  5. Thats what i did. I continued to use bp in the morning and started using ziana at night. Slowly i decreased the amount of bp i put on until i got to the point where i didn't need it anymore. I didnt get an IB from ziana either so that was good.
  6. Am i supposed to be getting an IB? I'm using finacea in the morning and ziana at night. My skin feels a lot smoother but i'm breaking out a lot more =/ And my face is itching like craazzy.
  7. ^thats what i might try. Ziana isn't working quite as well for me as it used to a couple months ago, so i'm gonna go back to the derm and get some Finacea samples. Hopefully finacea in the morning and ziana+finacea at night will work. Or just drop ziana and use finacea.
  8. I started taking Ziana in February and I never had an initial breakout. I was actually pretty clear within a month. But now (3 months later) my acne has been getting worse. I've still been doing everything the same. Whats going on here?
  9. ^I'm like the exact opposite lol.. I would say i'm almost clear because of ziana. No redness or irratation and it makes pimples go away faster. I'm still using bp in the morning so my face could be use to a lot of the irritation.
  10. right now i'm using the samples he gave me. I got 4 of them and each one should last me about a month. When i run out i'll just fill the prescription. I guess if ur derm gave you one of those small prescription papers you should be able to fill it.
  11. i just started using Ziana along with many others. It has only been out less than 3 months so i don't think too many people know about it yet.
  12. i started using this on 2/15. I'm going to continue using bp in the morning and use this at night. So far i haven't experienced any drying or anything.
  13. is there an initial breakout for this?