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  1. im gettin my first laser for acne done on wednesday 8/15 ill try n post some pics and tell u ppl how it goes
  2. i think im immune to mino too i was once pretty clrea from it now i break out daily and i have increased my dosage
  3. i had many pimples on my neck and i simple used a SA wash in the shower and used the SA pads after i got out and the pimples are gone and there are no red marks?? does this make sense or was it just lucky...im gonna start doing the same thing to my face
  4. mine have been on my face for 10 fantastic months i think 2 of about 80 r gone
  5. im been taking minocyvcline for about 5 months and my skin became perfectly pimple free but now i am getting a new pimple almost everyday...what does this mean
  6. wait it out. your skin should be shedding some layers while you're on retin-a. which is a good thing right?
  7. yes it is made of salicyclic acid and that helps to open the pores and exfoliate the skin
  8. when i was younger and didnt know anything about acne i used to put bp on my red marks..i did this for about 1.5 years...what kinda of effect on their healing?
  9. keep using the retin a...retin a heals the skin and makes the new skin grow back faster(ive been using my slef for 10 months) and aloe vera in the morning moisterize tell there is no more flakes..and in the future just use a towel to wipe the flakes off
  10. i now noticed that when i look in the mirror the redmarks look indented but when i touch my face with my finger my face feels smooth?? what is going on? does any one else have this?
  11. scarred12


    does it work with redmarks not the brown one the red ones?
  12. the first time i used it for about 4 days mornings only it made me break out so i stopped using it..luckily those pimples didnt leave redmarks thanks to the retin-a i use at night
  13. will drinking lots of water everyday effect red marks and overall acne? i mean by lots is cup after cup throughout the whole day
  14. got this for red marks anyone else used or heard of it?
  15. the white cream from the derm i got it for redmarks wondering if anyone else had csuc ess with it?
  16. i just went to my derm and asked about vbeam and she said that is a very short-lived answer and costs hundereds of dollars
  17. so i just got back from my derm and i asked about the vbeam method and she said that doesnt really take care of the problem and it is a short lived solution...so idk what to do now i thought vbeam totally eliminated them forever