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  1. Thank you so much! I'll definitely check it out
  2. Hey! I'm in your same exact position! I start 10mg in 3 weeks and I hope it's not too low of a dosage (105 pounds) but I have moderate acne. They say the first month is the most difficult since you get your initial breakout and then it gets much better If 10mg doesn't work, try 20mg it's still considered low. So hang on there!! We must make it!! Have you had any weird side effects like headaches etc?
  3. Hey everyone!!I've had moderate acne for the past 4 years and after endless medications and prescriptions I have built up the courage to go on Accutane! I've read so so many threads and logs and so many people have had great results! For the past 3 months this summer my acne took a turn for the worst after I got bronchitis and had to take a lot of medication (i thought antibiotics would help me??). Anyway, I've been even more depressed than usual and I barely leave the house so I don't pigment m
  4. Hey!! I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for makeup foundations that won't break out my moderate-severe acne prone skin. I did some research and found that Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Oil free Foundation works wonders and has great coverage for scars/pimples (oil free, spf 30, matte). Also, I've always used Giorgio Armani's Maestro foundation and I was not sure if giving Laura Mercier a try or continuing this one. It never breaks me out and it's not oil free, but it's a lightweig