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  1. They caaaall the rising sun. And its been, the ruin, of many, a poor boy. In god, i know, ive won. (Sorry just stumbled here lolol new member all lost)

  2. Yay! After being on Accutane for 6 months, I am finally done! I'm sooo happy cause my skin is completly clear, and I hope I dont get anymore pimples. Can anyone tell me what I can expect next? Will I breakout again? My doctor said he is 99%sure that my accutane will not return. (A little history: I had mild and presistant acne, it wasn't severe at all acording to my doctor. I've taken Accutane since October 2006.)
  3. I went back to my derm to see what was next for me and she put me on a 6th month of Accutane. She was talking about some cumulative doseage or something....and it was 6500. What the heck is that? and how do i calculate it? I didnt bother to ask questions cuz I was running late for work. I'm 100% clear, but i still have a bit of scars..not too bad and makeup usually covers everything.
  4. How long does accutane stay in your system? And when is it 100% safe to start thinking of having a baby. I've never heard that anyone got pregnant while on Tane, but I know that it is deadly for the baby, and causes disformation.
  5. Well my b-day is coming up and the last thing I want is dry chapped lips. I know tane makes ur lips dry cause I'm on my 5th month, but my lips have never been dryer! Its soo annoying and no matter how much lipbalm i put on they only seem to get worse. I'm using Aveno. at first it was good but now it does nothing for me! Any tips on how to get rid on chapped lips fassst? thanks!
  6. Aww Thanks for all of your advice and the birthday wishes! I love this board! I hope to have a great night and my birthday wish is to have completly clear skin, no marks, nothing!! haha. Thanks again!!!! xoxo
  7. Okay so I'm turning 21 in 3 days and I wanna go out and party with my friends ( I wouldnt do this before cuz of my acne, but I feel so much more confident now). And I want to drink a bit. Would this be okay? Anyone drank while on Accutane? If so, have you had bad side effects or anything? Any insight on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. xoxo
  8. I recently had that. Its nothing to worry about. Its just dry skin. You can either get a good hand cream that contains Vitamin E or go to your derm and he'll give you a cream. Mine gave it to me for free. Its one of those sample sizes. Thats your option. Just dont itch it, the more you itch your hands the worse you are making the problem and it may actually take longer to go away. Hope this helps.
  9. I'm in month 5 and i just got 2 pimples. One 2 weeks ago and 1 like a couple of days ago. I'm freaking out! I dont know if this should happen. I've been clear for so long.
  10. There is.... a house..... in New orleans.... have you been there?

  11. Okay so I WAS going to go tanning at a tanning salon but after asking all of you if it was the right thing to do I decided not to since most of you said NO! lol. thanks for the advice So now I bought the DOVE tanning lotion that enhances your tan everytime you put the lotion on, has anyones used this type of lotion and is it safe to use on the face. Like would it clog my pores up and make me break out. I'm on my 5th month and accutane and my face is totally clear.
  12. Okay so i know i know its a big NO NO to do it, but what if i just go in for 5 mins. every 2 or 3 days? I really wanna get a tan and look hot for my Birthday...loll and the tan would hide any trace of acne soo well. Experienced people with this matter, please reply...i wanna hear the pros and cons.... thannnks!