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  1. I read on somewhere that acne is caused by "toxins in your digestive system" Two words: COLON CLEANSING! That was the WORST weekend of my life!!!!
  2. So, I woke up with a gigantic zit on my left cheek. This is the mother-lode, let me tell ya! I washed my face, applied some make-up, did the normal morning routine, and headed out the door. On the way into work, I decided to stop at Starbucks for coffee and a pastry. I noticed people snickering, whispering and staring at me. I thought, "Man, it can't be THAT bad, can it?" I got all self-conscious and started doing the 'pulling my hair over my cheek, turning to the other side when people ta
  3. It is normal and human to care about your appearance, and there are a number of reasons to care, including a desire to attract the opposite sex. However, physical appearance is only one facet of what makes a person attractive, and how important it is compared to the others has a lot to do with things like maturity, and where a person is in his life, and what he is looking for (e.g. Is he looking to have a little fun, or for someone to settle down with? This will have a huge impact on what he see
  4. I've been dealing with adult acne for about 2 years - I'm allergic to everything I put on my face, and nothing works. Last night, I cried over it. AGAIN. I'm sick of this. My husband and I had a long heart-to-heart about it - the smartest thing the man has ever said to me is this... "If it sucks so bad, why do you keep doing it?" At that point I decided my breakouts can't possibly be that big of a deal. Not worth the 7 severe allergic reactions, the dry peely itchy skin, the hundreds of d
  5. you sound exactly like me minus the professional part. what kind of acne do you suspect you have? hormonal/diet etc? i have a great hormonal routine if you're interested. is most of your acne on chin/mouth/lower cheeks? mine started freaking out about the same time as yours. i'm here if you need to vent.