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  1. hmmm. im not really sure, i took it on saturday
  2. This used to be a pimple that i popped, and i thought it would just go away like the other ones but it decided to stick around for awhile. its been over a week and i want to get rid of it, i think its a cyst but when i push my tongue against the inside of my cheek i feel no pressure.. like i usually would. It feels hard and inflamed on the outside though. I've already tried to pop it but it just wont come. is there anything I should do to kill it?.. quickly preferably http://s300.photobucket.c
  3. I'm on my 2nd course of accutane. I'm only on my 3rd day in, is it ok for me to go tanning? I know you're not supposed to, but will effect me this early into my course?,, i havent experienced any of the dry lips, dry face or any side effects like that yet also..
  4. yeah it's probably a hip pointer. I Get them at least twice a year in hockey and football. it takes awhile to hear cause of the the blistering under the skin and the bruising on the bone. if you hit it again in the same spot it will hurt like hell, so watch out!
  5. im the opposite. whenever I smoke weed, my skin gets drastically clearer. Probably because the 12 hour deep sleep after getting baked helps. maybe.
  6. I'll be doing my own study. I will not masturbate for 2 weeks. I've never succeeded with this yet.. I never had the will power. But now!, to all you haters of this subject (omggg.. masturbating does nothiiingg). I'm guna prove you wrong. I'll put up some pics at the end of 2 weeks, and I'll bind my hands if I have to. Now I don't have a girlfriend anymore so theres no pressure over there. Please if anyone wants to join me, be my guest, I'll need all the support I can get.
  7. ive been doing this for about 2 weeks, best my skin has been in awhile.. i feel so much free-er lol
  8. ive only been washing my face with warm water, and my face is quite clear, no redness or w.e. i'll see how long this persists
  9. I'm using a basic cleanser from clean&clear, i've also stopped using that cleanser in the morning, tryin to see how it is if i stop washing with soaps/cleansers. but i still wash at night.. but i'll see how it goes. Im just scared that without washing my skin will get worse
  10. Since elementary school i've always washed my face, except my forehead. My forehead has always been completely clear all my life but i don't even wash it with soap in the shower! i've never put any lotion, cleaner ect. on it. But my cheeks and mouth area have mild acne. How do i get back to my natural state. Or is it too late? has my face adapted too much to the cleansers?
  11. i broke my collar bone, and couldn't really do anything sexual. After 2 1/2 weeks i was as clear and smooth.. i need something like that again that makes it impossible for me to do it, so its not just as based on will power.. cause i know I'll never succeed with that.
  12. someone only plays rough sports it sounds like

  13. hah yeah oops... i broke it in hockey, one of those freak accidents.. flipped over one of my own players , woke up with 6 pieces of collar bone floating around in my shoulder

  14. you left yourself a comment ;)...nah but how'd you mess it up in the first place?

  15. i can still play, its been a few months since the accident so i can play, but the constant blows and how i throw my body into the holes is what got my doc scared