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  1. Maybe it will start regulating itself soon because I don't want to feel so relaxed that I'm zoned out and not being my energetic and precise person that I am. I've always been highly organized and very precise with work and what-not, but lately I forget stuff more and I hope it isn't contributed to the Green Tea ---- maybe I need Ginka Biloba too!!! Ha!! I"m only 26 years old, so I can't blame it on getting older yet....
  2. Does Green Tea Extact help you concentrate? I've felt like a scatterbrain since I've been taking it and maybe that is because I'm just running around all the time like a chicken with it's head chopped off. Anybody else get this feeling of kindof out of sorts?
  3. I haven't been getting all my Green Tea Extract and Omega 3 fish oil pills in throughout the day --- usually forgetting to take them is my HUGE downfall and drawback from seeing results. Please give me when and with what you take your Fish Oil pills and Green Tea Extract Pills. Do you have to take the fish oil pills with a fat? I've been taking with Milk, but then I don't want to breakout from the dairy intake and also then I was told to take the Green Tea Extract at a different time than t
  4. I stopped BP about 2 weeks ago and have had some minor breakouts, but will apply Sudocrem generously at night and by morning the active spots I do have are less red and healing quite nicely. I would recommend a good exfoliator to actually slough off dead skin cells and use a cleanser, moisturizer and then the Sudocrem --- I can really tell a difference (bad difference) when I forget the Sudocrem. It is GREAT stuff!!
  5. If the Proactive Sulfur mask works well to keep oil at bay you may want to try Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask --- it doesn't specifically say it has sulfur in it, but I can smell something sulfury and it works great to dry out your skin and give you SMOOTHNESS!! I've used for several weeks with great results. It is only like $3.00 a tube and it is a BIG tube -- more reasonable than Proactive for sure. Just a suggestion. You can look up the reviews of it on Drugstore.com. Great reviews.
  6. Individuals under 18 years of age are restricted from purchasing this product. Mega Men® Live Well Maximum Nutritional Formula for Men Premium Multivitamin and Mineral Heart Health Energy Production Prostate Health Digestive Support Eye Health GNC Men's Mega Men® Live Well is a premium multiple vitamin formula that features a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber. It also focuses on antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to supplement key nutrients missing in your daily diet.Complet
  7. Read the post carefully.. My multivitamin had Kelp in it which has 1020 msg's as the article I posted stated. Read the article and then say that!
  8. Yeah, my fish oil capsules say nothing about Vitamin A.
  9. Mine have 400 mg in them each (from the now brand). I know the other brands have a 1/4 less usually. I currently am on a 1 for every 3 to 4 hour regimen. So I get through about 4 or 5 a day now. But just be careful, if you feel it to be too overwhelming, ease it down, but keep on going slowly. Be sure to have some type of food before taking it, it can really be felt on an empty stomach and it's a strong feeling in your pit. The first places I noticed a complete oil reduction was my back an
  10. Something was said earlier that ALL multivitamins contain Iodine and that is not true. I bought a GNC Women's Ultra Mega that is specifically made without Iron and Iodine. Many people say that when they take Multivitamins the Iodine in them makes them break out worse, so I want my supplements, but just without the flareups, so I would recommend this GNC product if you want something without Iodine. We get plenty of iodine in our diets as it is I'm sure.
  11. Thanks so much. I agree that as long as we get the cause of why we are getting acne under control with fish oil and green tea extracts then we shouldn't have to give much thought at all about our skin care regimen. I've heard of people with success using just water --- I do want to be gentle on my skin too, but yet I do believe exfoliation is very important to rid the surface of impurities and old skin cells. Everything gets clogged up otherwise. My face feels SO soft using the Medicated Apr
  12. What is your full regimen? Wondering what you use for cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. I think I'm quitting DKR -- I've been on it for over 2 months and it is making my face too thin and red from the excessive BP ,, Plus I hate to think about becoming totally dependent on BP and breaking out severly if I stop,,,, I'm now doing a Clearsil daily face wash, St. Ives Apricot scrub at night and using a Niacinamide cream of 4% called Acnessentials or something like that. It really draws the gunk
  13. I'm a 27 year old female and have sporadic acne --- mild to moderate. Just this last month I have really bad chin acne and especially about a week before my period, but it is not letting up and is getting worse and I'm now on my period. I started Ortho-trycyclen birth control and have been on it for 2 months now. I thought this was going to be my cure all and would relieve me of this misery, but hasn't yet. Does anyone know how long it takes for birth control to kick in and start helping wit